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 Latency (was gastroparesis)

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>>disease process.  Sub-acute neurological processes of
>infection may, and I feel do, contribute to the overall
>>disease presentation.  If untreated, eventually a crisis/acute
>>syndrome will precipitate.
>Dave, can you explain this better, please.  It sounds quite
>interesting to me but I need more info.  Thanx, Kathrine.

    The nerves supply all organs and systems of the body.  They
are the signal carriers that tell, for example, the pancreas to
produce insulin.  The radial nerve coming from the throacic 7th
vertebrae supplies the pancreas. Impedence of the functioning of
that nerve can come about by either direct infection of the
nerve, pressure from inflammation in the vertebrae, or pressure
from inflammation in the surrounding tissues, or misalignment
or twisting and subluxation of the vertebra.  All of the above
manners of nerve impedence can come about by infection with
Bb or Tp.  Allowing the nerve impedence to continue causes
cell death or dysfunction in the pancreas.  As time goes by, loss
of functioning cells in the islets Langerhans in the pancreas
leads to diabetes.  If the diabetes is identified and treated by
{*filter*} to aid the functioning of pancreas, the symptom (diabetes)
is under control: for a while. Meanwhile, if the Lyme is left
untreated, further nerve impedence becomes more severe.  With
further cell degeneration, the doses of medication to relieve
the diabetes must be increased. As the infection continues,
involving all of the processes of nerve impedence mentioned
above on an intermittent basis as is the usual habituation of
Borrelia burdgroferi, {*filter*} sugar levels become unpredictably
high or low depending on the degree of nerve impedence: despite
the maintenance of a strict diet and the use of diabetes
specific medications.  

     Tissues already damaged by the infection are more easily
re-invaded (locus minorus resistante principal). The process
is now one of degenerative disease. Now, despite diabetes
medications and diet, the {*filter*} glucose leves may hit 500 or
600 instead of the previously diagnostic levels in the 200's.
Diabetic comma and death are the acute crisis presentations.
Anectdotally, a short course of Azithromax antibiotic reversed
my diabetes for five months: completely.

     These same processes of disease are found elsewhere.  The
sixth nerve palsies coming and going about the eye for long
years lead to debility not only in motor capability, but also
in the eye's ability to resist further infection:  keratitis
can (and has in this disease) precipitated.  I think professor
Beerman eloquently enough described this problem in
"The Latent Phase of Syphilis."  Quoted below:

     Latency, punctuated by relapse and terminating in the
     sequelae of degnerative change, is as nearly a 10 word
     summary of the course of syphilis, from the secondary
     period on, as it is possible to write.  Latency is a
     spontaneous affair, a state brought about by the defense
     mechanism of the body, even without treatment, and subject
     to fluctuation with the action and reaction of tissues and
     spirochetal focci upon each other.  Like the famous title,
     "All Quiet on the Western Front," it covers in reality
     every form of warfare characteristic of the disease.
     While the miliary lymphocytic focci in the aortic wall
     are fighting the trench warfare of fibrosis, here and
     there a "putsch" due to a drop in local tissue resistance
     results in a breaking through of organisms and a temporary
     revival of spirochetemia from some impromptu "chancre" in
     the viscera.  Then may follow the infection of a fetus, an
     outburst of delayed secondaries, a revival of some
     cutaneous from of relapse on skin or mucosae, a {*filter*}
     Wassermann or precipitation test coming positive after
     a period of negativity, a slight anemia, a dropped eyelid,
     an infected marital partner without a {*filter*} lesion to
     explain it.  The obvious obligation of the physician in
     such a state of affairs is to maintain as nearly complete,
     continuous and all-seeing supervision as possible within
     the limits set by the patient's temperament and
     circumstances. *

*"Syphilis" , Practice of Medicine, vol 3, p 349-350, Tice
and Sloan, editors, W.F.Prior Company, Hagerstown Md, 1954.

     And that is why I prefer the discerning eye of a
physician familiar with the disease, or a specialist if
one is accessable.

Dave Bartholomew

Sat, 29 Jul 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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