The Repugs rendered people homeless serfs- rendering Repugs Communists 
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 The Repugs rendered people homeless serfs- rendering Repugs Communists

Subject: The Repugs rendered people homeless serfs- rendering Repugs

Date: Apr 26, 2009 6:42 AM


04.23.09 - 10:53 PM
Does This Mean We Get To Rename Them the Wacko Torturers Party?

by Abby Zimet

Once again exhibiting their extraordinary sense of priority, a group
of conservative Republicans has proposed a resolution calling on
Democrats to rename themselves the "Democrat Socialist Party." Their
stand puts RNC chair Michael Steele, who prefers the term
"collectivist," in even more of a bind than he's put himself in every
time he opens his mouth.

Well um, no.  The Repugs have *always* been
the Party of the Banksters-and-the-Bigs who
Offshored and Bankrupted America.

The Repugs unleashed the War on Terror which
was really the War on America's Middle Class
because we weren't becoming homeless serfs
fast enough.

Repugs call us'n Dems stupid, but what's stupider
than letting the Bigs call the shots and letting
the Bigs tell the Repug Party what to think?

September '08 Shock and Awe:

"Whoops, Sorry, America, we're bankrupt.
Please rescue us, because all along we told you
we knew better than you what was good for you."

The Repugs were always the *STUPID* ones.

How in the world would the propagandists -
the "Market-ists," the Capitalists - be the
Keepers of the Secret Knowledge of What's Best
for the Serfs, when to sell, means, or is, in
its nature, bullshit?

'Exaggerated claims in order to sell something
for more than it's worth?

I don't know.  I don't have any words for what's
too funny for words.

^^^Hey, can I trademark that comment?  Can I OWN
a truth that obviously the whole world owns?  Can
I be like the CDC and Kaiser-Permanente and *OWN*
a human disease?

What's next?

Oh, the Swine Flu Pandemic that I predicted and

the proof of which was STOLEN of off of CT AG Blumenthal's
desk and is sitting in the US Attorney's Orifice since
October 4, 2003, when I showed GRAPHICALLY and with
the scientific evidence that a Swine Flu Pandemic
was the scientifically likeliest.


The WHOLE WORLD, can now thank the State of Corrupticut
for the Swine Flu pandemic in addition for the Lyme

You know, the richest people int the world live here.
And Yale is Repug Party headquarters.

And the banksters live here.

So we, Corrupticutters, know what's best for the *world*


Kathleen M.{*filter*}son

"[Real] scientists are *fiercely* independent.  That's the good
news."-- NIH's Top Fool, Anthony Fauci

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