"Road Map". 
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 "Road Map".

Hi, all.
I know that the question that I'm about to ask sounds really silly, but
I assure you that it is not a joke.    When you log onto this site, what
address do you use?  
You see, I do not have a computer; I have a WebTV system. At the top of
my home page, it gives me several boxes to click on, depending on where
I want to go (mail, favorites, etc).  One box is entitled "community".
I click on that to get into discussion groups, then I type in "lyme
disease" and it sends me directly here.      Anyway, a woman I know has
a sister who is pretty sure that she has lyme but the doctors just
haven't diagnosed it yet.    I had told her to check out this site, but
she doesn't have a "community" box on her computer to go into. I tried
going in through "sci.med.diseases.lyme"  but I have to fish around and
try clicking on a few things before I can actually get here.   What web
address do you all use to pull this up?  She is interested in checking
out this site, but I can't manage to provide her with a direct route.  
I appreciate it.

Mon, 07 Jul 2003 19:39:16 GMT
 "Road Map".
I sent you an email of how I get here (2 ways).  I hope it helps.

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Mon, 07 Jul 2003 23:22:51 GMT
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