teasel, red clover and dandelion 
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 teasel, red clover and dandelion

Has anyone tried these herbs.  I've heard they are very good for lyme
sufferers.  any feedback would be appreciated

Tue, 09 Dec 2003 10:35:42 GMT
 teasel, red clover and dandelion
I've used many herbs and my naturopath has prescribed them depending on
whether I need them at the time for various presentations or manifestations
of the disease process.

I have used all three herbs but not continuously. currently I am using
teasel and have been using that for maybe 7 months or so.  I am doing very
well, but it has been quite a number of things and not any one or two or
three, and it all is dynamic - you switch things as your body changes.

My doctor has encouraged me to learn all I can about these herbs and other
alternative approaches. Not everything works for everyone.  Teasel, however
may be one that, although an adaptagen, may be one used more specificly for
Lyme. The person who first extracted this was curious because he noted that
deer fed on the plant, and he felt they might be onto something that would
help them.

Dandelion is general tonic to digestive organs; improves appetitie and
digestion. Mild-acting cleanser and decongestant to liver and gallbladder;
enhances bile flow; promotes regularity of bowel movements. diuretic and
kidney cleanser.

red clover: fights infection, suppresses appetite and purifies the {*filter*}.
Has expectorant and antispasmodic and relaxing effects. Good for bacterial
nfections, coughs bronchitis, inflammatory bowel disorders, liver disease,
weakened immune system.



>Has anyone tried these herbs.  I've heard they are very good for lyme
>sufferers.  any feedback would be appreciated

Tue, 09 Dec 2003 11:29:52 GMT
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