Dr. Steere & LymeSPAM 
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 Dr. Steere & LymeSPAM

In a post re Dr. Steere's recent talk in Rhode Island, attendee, Rick
Laferriere, reports back to us:

<<Before introducing Dr. Steere they even joked that Lifespan is now
Lymespan and someone redrew the corporate logo on an overhead
projector.  Taking the play on words even further, Dr. Steere referred
to his audience as being from Lymespan during his talk.>>

Rick:  Are you sure that you heard/saw this correctly?  I would say that coming
out of the mouth of Dr. Steere, the term "LymeSPAM" seems far more appropriate.

And, BTW, you were shrewd to note that Dr. Steere emphasized the arthritic
symptoms of Lyme disease, as this is a) his specialty, and b) the way he
actually discovered the disease (his claim to fame and Popelike stardom), and
c) basis upon which he would like to see the disease remain--namely a
rheumatologic illness (benign, self-limited, easy to treat, easy to cure, etc.,
etc.  spam, spam, spam).  If Lyme is mainly expressed through common arthritic
symptoms, then why has Dr. Steere co-authored many articles dealing
w/neurologic symptoms, etc. (ie, in conjuction w/Halperin, Loggigian et
al....over the years)

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Dr. Steere will go down in the books as the discoverer of Lyme disease and the
famous proselytizer (sp??) of dogmatic LymeSPAM.  

PS.  Rick, thank you for your report, your insights and observations, and your
patience in sitting through such a nauseating display of nonscience and

Tue, 01 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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