"Shots Make Me ".."Holie"? 
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 "Shots Make Me ".."Holie"?

Normal cuts heal but..Whenever I get an injection(tet., flu, or {*filter*}
test, novacaine, finger {*filter*}s 4 sugar test,)the site stays sore
For example, in the back of my mouth with my tongue I can feel this
rough patch on the soft palate. I always thought 4 the longest time that
it was a rash of bumps of some sort--after some serious exploring of my
mouth with my tongue and "remembering" where the dentist had injected
the novacaine,I came to the realization that there are holes left from
those shots and the bumps in the back of my mouth aren't bumps at all
but injection sites.Also..the novacaine injections the dentist gives
me..doesn't freeze my nerves..he gives me 4 or 5 and it's still not
frozen..so he does the work and if he's in my jawbone I feel it..that
last root canel removal was a doozy I swore he was pulling my insides
out with the roots!!

The site on my arm where I got a flu shot this past Jan.--I did not
become ill from the shot or anything, but the site of the shot is still
sore, as if i'd had the shot yesterday.(amazing)And still is red too.
When I get any {*filter*} work done..the site on arm scabs over--but comes
back as a raised bump and is there for months, as if i'd just had the
testing done.Very strange.
This is alittle off the beaten path of thought, but another thing that I
know is different with me, I used to be a regular {*filter*} donor--about 7
or 8 years ago, before I really began not feeling well, I went to give
and they did the injection and the {*filter*} wouldn't come out.Another vol.
came over and they rolled the vein and things went ok.I thought it was
strange, but passed it off. Well, as I started not feeling myself I
remember the very first Dr. visit, they wanted to do some {*filter*} work and
the nurse had a fit, she couldn't get the {*filter*} to come out.Had to go
down to the lab where they took it out of my finger by putting a pump on
it.Like I said I used to be a regular {*filter*} donor and never ever had
problems, havn't given since that last time when they had all the
trouble.I wasn't having any symptoms then.
Now i'm wondering if Lyme could be passed via {*filter*} transfusion? Scarey
huh. Sorry I talked your eyes off guys, but these holes are really
wierd...One more wierd thing--about  5 years ago I started experiencing
referred pain..like I can stub my toe and I feel the pain in my ribs--no
kidding.About that same time when I came to that realization--the
leisions started to appear and are still here yet--they some times heal
when cream or ointment are applied, but "Always" come back..jw

Tue, 07 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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