Artemisinin vs. Artemesia 
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 Artemisinin vs. Artemesia

I previously posted a question asking about the differences between
Artemisinin and Artemesia but it seems to have disappeared from the list, if
anyone had answered before, could you post the answer again?


Fri, 10 Feb 2006 00:13:26 GMT
 Artemisinin vs. Artemesia
Artemisinin is dried powder extract from dried leaves of artemisia
annua.Artemether and Arteether are bulk {*filter*} made from Artemisinin
powder .

Both Bulk {*filter*} are  given to Malaria pateints in tablets or
injectable form.

 We are successfully growing artemisia annua on 30 acres of land here
in India with high contents of artemisinin.We will welcome your
queries for guidelines for growing artemisia annua crop
(fertilizers,pesticides ,water, drying procedure for leaves).

Mon, 20 Feb 2006 13:17:47 GMT
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