Lyme vaccine , formerly "Vaccine OK?" 
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 Lyme vaccine , formerly "Vaccine OK?"

Main points about Lyme vaccine that the drug companies don't tell us in their

1. Vaccine should not should be used by people with compromised immune systems.

2. People who have a genetic predisposition may develop severe arthritis
because of their reaction to the protein used in the vaccine.

3. People who may have undiagnosed Lyme and have not yet developed symptoms can
develop full blown Lyme from the effects of the vaccine.

4. People who already have Lyme-type symptoms, like joint pain, arthritis,
fibromyalgia, MS etc, COULD actually have undiagnosed Lyme, and thus, can
develop full blown Lyme from the effects of the vaccine. Reminder: there are
currently NO 100% reliable tests to detect Lyme Disease, so it is impossible
for a person to be 100% sure they do not have Lyme before they are vaccinated.

5. Once the vaccine is in a person's system, traditional tests for Lyme cannot
be used.

I know of at least six people, dropouts from the Lyme vaccine trials, who claim
their health has been destroyed following their vaccinations.They all believe
they have either have had a {*filter*} re-occurrence of Lyme symptoms their
doctors considered previously "cured", or they may have had pre-existing
undiagnosed Lyme which manisfested only after exposure to the vaccine.  Four of
these people are currently involved in suing the Lyme vaccine companies.

If you are interested in reading first-person accounts of two of these people,
here are the addresses of their Lyme Quilt pages.

Alison's story:         http://www.***.com/
Lynn's story           http://www.***.com/

Here is a site where you can get a wealth of additional information:
<A HREF=" http://www.***.com/ ~cheryl/lymes.html">Cheryl's lyme links</A>
http://www.***.com/ ~cheryl/lymes.html

once you get to Cheryl's site, scroll down to a major heading which says Lyme

Best Wishes, Melody

Sat, 15 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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