Please help diagnose a problem... 
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 Please help diagnose a problem...

My girlfriend is experiencing some severe problems which her doctors are unable to
diagnose.  She had a {*filter*} test for lyme done, but it came back negative.  If you
have any ideas, please foreward, we would truly appreciate it.  Her symptoms include:

severe knee & elbow pain, every day
        a sharp pain
        sometimes in fingers and wrists
A weak feeling (ragdoll-like) in the extremities (as in, unable to lift arms)
occasional nausea and shaking in the arms
flu-like symptoms
        always tired, not rested after sleep

possibly connected symptoms include:
itchy skin, with no rash.

As I said, she was tested and came back negative for lyme, but also negative for
inflamation, even though her joints were in fact inflamed.  We think possibly it was
not done right.  Her mother has many of these symptoms x10 and has been diagnosed
with all the usual things for a non-specific disease, such as auto-immune disorder,
chronic fatigue, etc.  Oh, yeah, I don't exhibit the same problems and we both have
been checked for ghonorea and we haven't exhibited any of the other symptoms for
that.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Even if you just tell me where I
should ask for this (the groups aren't that familiar to me, I don't know
which ones are more appropriate for this kind of problem...
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Sun, 22 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Please help diagnose a problem...
Your girlfriend has many symptoms that are common with Lyme Disease. This
doesn't mean she has it but please do not let a doctor rule it out on a {*filter*}
test. MANY people who have Lyme test negative as the tests are very unreliable.
If your doctor will only base his diagnosis on the {*filter*} test you need to find
a new one who knows that Lyme Disease is still a clinical diagnosis.
This is a good place to ask questions and there are many good sites and chats
on Lyme. e-mail me if you are interested. I hope she does not have Lyme but
please continue to push for answers. I went over 4 years without a diagnosis
because of negative {*filter*} test and now have been fighting this disease for 9
years. Good luck to you and be sure and ask for any support you need here. This
is a wonderful group and very informed on Lyme.

Mon, 23 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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