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hi folks,
yes, i have cross-posted..i would like to ask all of you to help out
with the cross-posting problem...please delete the other ngs, when you
respond to a (spam) post..this will help us all out..and help contain
the flames that always seem to spark over cross-posted spam..(ie: the
aspartame thread)

thank you for your help
your friend
lynn  :-)

'each & every heart it seems, is bounded by a world of
dreams'...justin hayward

Tue, 09 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT


> >hi folks,
> >yes, i have cross-posted..i would like to ask all of you to help out

> Interesting to see the error in your ways - so why cross post?

IMNSHO people should set followup-to: headers when they crosspost in most
cases. If you want your group bypassed in a crossposted thread, set the
header and remove your group from the followup-to: header and/or newsgroups:
header. If you want a safe place to send a thread the group is
often a good choice for the followup-to: line.

The traditional way to stop crossposted and flame threads is to set a header
in your newsreader  


 - or -

Followup-To: is a good place to kill annoying threads, since it is moderated
but is self-moderated so the clueless will just get error messages if they
try to post a followup to the post in question. I believe a FAQ on how works is posted in that newsgroup for the curious.

to set followup-to: in agent (probably free agent too)
press F (followup)
then ctrl+D (display extra headers)
then click the followup-to: line
then fill in in the edit-box,
and voila` you have set followup-to: !!

-- Mick
(taking my own advice and sending this to eli the bearded's newsgroup :-)
Please visit the Pro Internet Forum
My address is unmangled, I report spam and get the senders' accounts yanked
I registered at Email Preference Service
  and said *NO* *SPAM* at all for me.

Sat, 13 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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