Help!!!! Need So. Cal Lyme Doc 
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 Help!!!! Need So. Cal Lyme Doc


My mom has positive test results for Lyme . .. very positive . .. my
doctor ran the tests for her when she was here, in NY, visiting.  However,
she lives in San Diego.  I need a Lyme doc or two from southern California
. .. anywhere from San Diego up to Los Angeles . .. and I need one fast .
. .I've got her on {*filter*}and have her "primary" physician convinced that
Lyme is a real disease and should be treated but he knows zilch, refuses
to call my doc for guidance and is just being non-commital . . .

Please, if you know a Lyme sympathetic doc in southern California e-mail
back . . .

Thanks . ..


Tue, 01 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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