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 REPOST of Dr. Fife's Message

Just checked my seldom-used AOL account and did not find this post from
Dr. Fife on the newsgroup via AOL.  I have copied it and am reposting
because this info and advice is directly from Dr. Fife and is important
for all to read and understand.  Hopefully it will make it through AOL
this time.
Subject: HBO and Lyme disease from TAMU Hyperbaric Lab

Date:    Fri, 11 Apr 1997 13:20:13 -0500

Organization: Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas


TO:     All concerned with Lyme Disease.

FROM:   Dr. William Fife, Professor of Hyperbaric Medicine
        Texas A&M University Hyperbaric Laboratory

I am saddened over some of the things I am reading on the Internet in
the newsgroup concerning our Lyme disease study.
There is lots of misinformation and unwarranted speculation, all of
which slows us down in our effort to find a useful treatment for this

There are several former subjects from our study who have published on
the Internet.  The fact that they have been here does not qualify them
to speak for us.  In fact, they have placed quite a bit of
misinformation on the Internet.  As far as we know, at present the only
three people on the Internet who have given accurate information are Dr.
Rita Stanley, Rae Record, and perhaps Dave Bower.

We now have more than enough subjects for the present study and for the
present will not accept any more subjects without a specific
recommendation by a physician with whom we can consult about special
cases.  In these cases, all contact with the laboratory must be made by
the refering physician.  Any contact with patients will be initiated by
this laboratory.

Although there are more than 200 monoplace and over 100 multiplace
chambers in the US, since this is an experimental treatment most of them
will not or cannot treat this disease with hyperbaric oxygen therapy
(HBO).  We understand that there are two or three other chambers which
are taking Lyme patients for pay, we know of only one facility
personally which we can recommend.  It is in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea,
Florida under Dr. Richard Neubauer, M.D.  He makes a modest charge for
treatments.  We have no personal knowledge of any other facility and do
not know if they are even using our protocol exactly.  Therefore, it is
a "buyer beware" situation.  We still are making no charge for the
treatment here.

I want to note that this misinformation only slows our study and works
against Lyme sufferers.  We realize that the main interest in Lyme
patients is to get well and we OFTEN have been given misinformation from
potential patients in order to try to convince us to take them ahead of
others.  This already has slowed up our work.  Our main purpose is to
obtain valid scientific information upon which to determine if HBO is a
successful treatment for Lyme.  To us, this is not a game.

All further information regarding the Texas A&M University Hyperbaric
Laboratory's involvment with Lyme disease research will be posted on our
internet site, http://www.***.com/ ~hyplab/ in addition to being
published through standard mediums.


Dr. William Fife

Thu, 30 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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