Islander [South Carolina] may have Lyme disease, The Island Packet, 5 Sep 01 
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 Islander [South Carolina] may have Lyme disease, The Island Packet, 5 Sep 01

Islander may have Lyme disease

Second round of tests ordered

BY DAVID JAKUBIAK, The Island Packet
[Southern Beaufort County, South Carolina]

Published Wednesday, September 5th, 2001

A Hilton Head Island doctor is treating a Sea Pines man for what could
be Lyme disease.

Dr. Wayne Johnson said initial {*filter*} work performed on one of his
patients has tested positive for antibodies associated with Lyme

Johnson said the man would undergo a second round of tests to confirm
the ailment.

According to S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control data
released in January 2000, there had been only one case of the disease in
Beaufort County since 1995.

Jan Easterling, a spokeswoman with DHEC, said Tuesday the agency could
not "confirm or deny" reports of the disease on Hilton Head Island
because there were fewer than three cases and such information could
compromise the anonymity of the patient.


According to the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
Lyme disease is caused by bacteria that are transmitted to humans by the
deer tick and, on the West Coast, by the western black-legged tick.

According to the centers' Lyme disease Web site, "immature ticks become
infected by feeding on small rodents and other mammals that are infected
with the bacterium."

For more information on Lyme disease, visit the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention's Web site on the disease at

[end of article]

Islander may have Lyme disease, The Island Packet,
Southern Beaufort County, South Carolina, 5 Sep 01
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