How to get doctors to treat Lyme 
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 How to get doctors to treat Lyme

The first problem many potential Lyme patients face is getting tested and
treated. And they're often weak and confused and no match for a bull-headed
MD. Here's my story; maybe others would care to add useful tips.

Had neuro symptoms which I learned from Dr. Burrascano's essay
( http://www.***.com/ ) were consistent
with Lyme. I insisted that my MD first order an ELISA and Western blot.
These came back negative. I then insisted on a follow-up appointment--a few
days before this appointment, I gave his receptionist Dr. B's essay and
insisted he read it.

Walked for the appointment and he hands me Wormser's and Nadelman's essay,
which advocates no or short treatment. Said to the MD "Your essay seems much
more doctor-friendly. Seems reasonable to try 1 month of  amoxy 1 gram tid
and probenecid 500 mg tid. I'll pay for it ($118 locally, much cheaper
online). I'm not pen-allergic, it's not toxic, and the risk-benefit profile
is much in favor of trying it".

He then turned honest. Wrote me a script, told me "you might feel worse
before you feel better", and mentioned the LUAT. I herxed, LUAT was positive
(91), and I have been continuing my treatment with a local LLMD, plus tips
from the literature and this newsgroup. I'm paying out of pocket, just {*filter*}
antibiotics. So:
1. Know your symptoms.
2. Be prepared to suggest a treatment.
3. Be well armed when you battle the MD.
4. Be prepared  to pay out of pocket. A few grand is not worth losing your
productive life.

Any other tips ? LR

Thu, 20 Nov 2003 10:09:09 GMT
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