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 lumbar punctures

Dear Dr. Steere also stated that lumbar punctures are not too great in
the US in looking for Lyme.  Here is the quote and the journal.

"The Journal of Infectious Diseases" 1990;161:1203-1209

"Evaluation of the Intrathecal Antibody Response to Borrelia burgdroferi
as a Diagnostic Test for Lyme Neuroborreliosis"

Abstract:  After comparing the studies of spinal fluid on patients in
the US to those of patients in Europe, Dr. Steere determined that in the
US, the tests were not very helpful.  More physicians need to know this!

"Compared with American patients, 30 European patients with
neuroborreliosis had significantly higher CSF:serum ratios of specific
antibody both early and late in the illness.  Inthrathecal antibody
determinations are the most specific test currently available for Lyme
neuroborreliosis, but local antibody production of CSF is an
inconsistent finding in American patients with late neurologic
manifestations of the disorder."

This little number states that the spinal taps so many have endured have
probably been extremely unnecessary in trying to compare antibody of the
{*filter*} vs. spinal fluid.  Hope this will help some people.

Lumbar punctures are necessary for some with Lyme because some Lyme
patients have white {*filter*} cells or protein in their spinal fluid and
this a whole different ballgame and they need to have their fluid looked
at.  It would indicate a severe infection in the brain and spinal
fluid.And it would indicate the type of treatment necessary to help the
patient get well.  Dr. Steere's article was simply a profound
explanation of how little import it is to try and get an antibody
response from the spinal fluid of American patients.  How sad for so
many of us whose doctors did not know this and we had to endure the test
as a way of trying to prove to the doctor that we do, indeed, have Lyme.
Had they seen this, they would not have done the test most likely?

Fri, 31 Dec 1999 03:00:00 GMT
 lumbar punctures

Steere is a riot.  I have several research papers that he wrote or was
involved in that state that LP is very helpful in some cases!  What a
fickle guy!!!  Wish he'd make up his mind.

Sat, 01 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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