Doing Much Better :) 
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 Doing Much Better :)

Hello everyone,

Several months ago I went on a combination of four {*filter*}abx, and it appears to
 be working well (after four months on IV failed to achieve significant
 improvement).  I was infected about 11 years ago, and homebound, for the most
 part, for the past 5 1/2 years.  I've done about ten times more lately than I
 was able to do even a few months ago..... including riding my horse.......
 falling off my horse :)  driving, socializing and making new friends
 (horse-lovers like me!), making woodcrafts with power tools.  

While my life is still nowhere near what I would consider 'normal', I'm on my
 way!   I bought a Conversion Van with a bed in it (as well as a TV and a CB
 :), and hope to be able to drive to visit my first grandbaby (who's already
 five months old, and I haven't seen him yet) by Spring.  

I can only pray that I maintain this level of functioning and continue to
 improve from here.  I'm sharing this to give those who need it a ray of hope
 :)  I do believe that the oxytocin injections + Nitrostat I've been
 self-administering for months has helped a lot.

There are many days I run out of energy all at once, and can barely pull myself
 into bed, groaning and moaning.  But at least I enjoyed some activity during
 the day.  I'm having less pain, and many symptoms are much diminished,
 especially muscle fatigue.  My energy level varies from day to day, but I can
 now usually count on having a few productive hours in the afternoon.  (The
 morning is usually devoted to staying close to the bathroom, due to diarrhea
 from all the abx).  

I wish you all joy and abundant good health!


Sun, 07 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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