A deer tick bite 
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 A deer tick bite

Hi Patti,
I have heard that you shouldn't try suffocating those {*filter*}s, but to
actually get the tweezers and pull it straight out, and to make sure that
you get all of it, head included.  Even if that means taking a chunk of
skin with it.  My son had a very tiny tick behind his arm last year and the
head was left in.  It was sooo tiny.  The ped said not to worry and said
that the inflamation was from the bite itself and not lyme.  He then got an
oval rash around it and a fever, which the ped also said was not LD.  She
put him on amoxicillin for 10 days because his lymph node was swollen.
Little did I know that he really did have LD.  I could punch this
pediatrician, I really could.  Anyway, I know some doctors recommend being
on a 21 day course after just being bitten, even if the tick does not have
lyme, as a precaution.


> -- we didn't get it's head.
>  While it was all connected it managed to burn and itch slightly, and for
> awhile after we removed as much of the tick as we could a small rash
> around the site.  I have read through some of the literature online which
> states that this type of rash could be an allergic reaction to the tick
> saliva, and after looking at some pictures of deer ticks, the closest
> for the one that was on my arm would be that of a larvae(a light brown
> area with a lighter brown circle in the center and a whitish translucent
> abdomen).  Obviously I'm concerned.  Nothing short of taking a chunk out
> my own arm is going to get this little head out(I already managed to
> most of the skin off over the bite in my attempt to remove it),

Sat, 03 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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