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My MD just recommended I try tetracycline 500 mg tid. Anybody have good
results with this alone, or in combination with other abx ?

Tue, 24 Feb 2004 05:41:02 GMT
That is the only antiobiotic that gave me stomach problems.........doxy,
ceptin, biaxin...............and I was fine. Maybe because you can't take it
with food. Mona

Tue, 24 Feb 2004 06:28:58 GMT
I took Biaxin and Placquenil for nine months after being diagnosed.  That
combo worked well for me.  Then I was switched to tetra. 500 3x a day.  I
had a terrible herx reaction which lasted for the entire three months I was
on it.  My doctor kept urging me to stay with it another month, then
another, etc.  After three months of it I couldn't wait to get off of it!
Started back on the B & P and noticed a BIG difference in the way I felt.  I
really think the tetra. helped me turn a corner.  I'm on it again (5 mos.
later) for another three months without the same continual herx, but I can
tell it's still working.  I've had no digestive problems with it and take it
20 min. before eating.  The only thing I don't like about it is the fact
that I'm hungry ALL the time!!  I've gained weight, but that's a small price
to pay if it works.. as it seems to for me.

Tue, 24 Feb 2004 08:43:21 GMT
Watch out for Minocycline as it
occasionally causes as a side
effect a lupus-like condition

Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:01:53 GMT


> My MD just recommended I try tetracycline 500 mg tid. Anybody have good
> results with this alone, or in combination with other abx ?

So far, it is only thing that has worked well for me. My overriding
symptom was chronic spontaneous GI difficulties (very bad cramps, followed
by 30-45 minutes of bathroom sessions where my system basically voided
every last thing. A great way to lose weight  8^/  ). My other symptoms at
that time were chronic fatigue, brain fog, tics around the face and hands,
stiff neck and back, some rashes.

Tetracycline gave me 5 minutes of nausea nearly every morning within 35
minutes of taking, with or without cooking.net">food (supposed to be without though). I
assume it was gas suddenly generated as the outer capsule dissolved and
released the abx into my gut. I have seen some suggestions for avoiding
this problem in a recent thread somewhere, but haven't been on tet since
spring (because of sun) so haven't tried any of them yet.

My GI problems went away in 3 days (as predicted by my LLMD - boy, that
was nice) and have stayed away since (2 years now). Two weeks after
starting tet, I herxed with symptoms (depression, anxiety, visual and
aural overstimulation) that I had only heard my wife mention in her
suffering, along with a worsening of my fatigue and fog. I herxed off and
on for 3 months, then broke out (again as predicted by my doc) feeling
better than I had in twenty years.

My appetite was incredible while on it, a known side-effect I was warned
about. I thought about cooking.net">food all the time, even after a large meal. I
gained 20 lbs each winter (that's a LOT for me - I'm thin) and lost it
each summer. I still own two wardrobes in anticipation of this coming

It did not cure me but I have done the last two winters on it (6-7
months), and have been able to enjoy two active drug-free 5-month long
summers. I will be going back on tetra or minocycline this fall to try and
finish the job.

Biaxin/Plaquenil did nothing but provide bad taste and more diahrea (just
not {*filter*}). E-mycin made my stomach even worse than it was before.

I have never tested positive for Lyme.

I am sure you will get many differing answers to your questiom. Treatment
has to be tailored to each individual, we see over and over that one drug
is great for one individual and terrible (or at least ineffective) for
another. Good luck in your search. Hope you find something that works for

Alan W. Stone
Group 48
MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Lexington, MA

781 981 5038

Wed, 25 Feb 2004 02:12:58 GMT

Thanks for the reply.

My MD specified tablets, not capsules, on the script, maybe to avoid the sudden release phenomenon you mention.

I'm currently on amoxy, which worked very well in the beginning, plus Biaxin, which I'm not sure if it did anything. The PDR says not to take tetracycline with penicillins.

Did you take the tetracycline by itself, with no other abx ? 500 mg tid, or a different dose ? LR

Wed, 25 Feb 2004 03:34:43 GMT

    Did you take the tetracycline by itself, with no other abx ? 500 mg tid, or a different dose ? LR

    LR:  I took it by itself....500 mg tid.  I recall Miguel posting that he was on the tetra. alone, and later combined it with placquinal, after which he noted improvement.  This was never recommended by my doctor...but I thought it was interesting.

Wed, 25 Feb 2004 07:56:37 GMT
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