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 "Bev Grunheld, survivor, offers SG"

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Bev Grunheid, survivor,
offers support group

Published on Sun, Jun 9, 2002

When Bev Grunheid first noticed the rash on her leg in the summer of 1997,
she dismissed it as poison ivy.

When another rash appeared on her face in that October, a friend suspected
that she had been bitten by a tick and referred her to a doctor.

Grunheid was diagnosed with Lyme disease and began treatment with

Unfortunately, it was too late to completely cure the disease and Grunheid
has been forced to continue treatment ever since.

Now 65 years old, the Pinckney resident suffers from the long term effects
of Lyme disease, including fatigue, memory loss and thyroid difficulties, as
well as side effects from the antibiotics. She was recently hospitalized for
five days with intestinal problems -- a result of not drinking enough water
with her medication.

"Before I was diagnosed, I had never heard of Lyme disease. I didn't even
know the word," says Grunheid.

Fatigued from the constant struggle with Lyme disease, Grunheid has been
forced to give up many activities that she formerly enjoyed, both at home
and in the workplace.

She is no longer able to ski, an activity that she participated in with her
family on trips to northern Michigan and out west.

Grunheid also gave up her position as chairman of the International Stallion
Exposition and Trade Show, which she had held for 18 years.

Faced with a heavy workload on her 20-acre South Lyon farm where she raised
Morgan horses, Grunheid moved this past winter to a more manageable 10-acre
farm, in Pinckney.

Grunheid says one of her horses, Tyrolian Grandeur, also had Lyme disease,
but was cured.

"I used to be a very active person, but I can no longer do what I used to,"
she says.

Lyme disease also caused her to leave her job as an account executive at
Donald E. McNabb in New Hudson, which supplies carpeting to trade and auto
shows across the country. Grunheid says that during her 14-year employment,
she set the company's all time record for sales.

Although Lyme disease has forced Grunheid to discontinue many of her
previous activities, she says it also encouraged her to become involved in
the fight against the illness.

After contracting the disease, Grunheid joined the Michigan Lyme Disease
Association, of which she is currently vice president. Along with helping
man educational booths at gatherings such as dog and horse shows, Grunheid
has also started a Lyme disease support group, which meets at 7 p.m. on the
fourth Tuesday of every month at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Howell. The
group provides educational material and m{*filter*}support to those dealing with
Lyme disease.

Grunheid, who survived a difficult bout with cancer in 1982, says, "I can't
prevent cancer, but I can help prevent Lyme disease."

Although the fight against Lyme disease is far from being over, Grunheid
believes that groups such as the Michigan Lyme Disease Association have
greatly raised awareness of the illness, which she considers a step in the
right direction.

For more information, contact Bev Grunheid at (734) 878-6690.

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