2001: [Pseudotumoral presentation of cat scratch disease] 
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 2001: [Pseudotumoral presentation of cat scratch disease]

1: Arch Pediatr 2001 Apr;8(4):393-6 Related Articles, Books, LinkOut  

[Pseudotum{*filter*}presentation of cat scratch disease]

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Eckart P, Tournade G, Amiour M, Guillot M, Courtheoux P, Rousselot P.

Service de pediatrie, centre hospitalier Robert-Bisson, BP 7223, 14107 Lisieux,

BACKGROUND: A frequent cause of chronic benign lymphadenopathy, cat-scratch
disease (CSD) occurs mainly in children and young {*filter*}s. Bartonella henselae
is the agent responsible for CSD. The most common symptoms of the disease are
regional lymphadenopathy and fever. Atypical forms occur in about 10% of
patients; among them, CSD may initially present as a tumor. CASE REPORT: A
4-year-old child developed a 'tumor' of the arm with fever. The values of white
{*filter*} cell count and CRP were normal. Ultrasonography, MRI and arteriography
did not contribute to the diagnosis, which was established on histologic
examination and serologic test for infection with B. henselae. The outcome was
favorable with antibiotic treatment. CONCLUSION: In case of tumor of the limbs,
cat-scratch disease should be searched for.

PMID: 11339132 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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