P.S. on kidney function tests 
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 P.S. on kidney function tests

I had a basic metabolic panel on 10/11.  Apparently, the lab requested
to run the protein electrophoresis serum on 10/12.  

Under comments it says:  Polyclonal gamma globulin increase.  Faint band
in the gamma globulin region.  Suggest urine and serum immundfixation
electrophoresis to evaluate for possible monoclonal protein, if
clinically indicated.

Since *I* requested kidney function tests as a part of the cryo. issue,
*I* seem to be the only one interested in the results.  I feel like the
doctors are ignoring the whole issue.  And I feel like I am reading a
foreign language.

Would combo cause these things?  (I still suspect it's the cryo.).
However, if I had renal failure, wouldn't my back hurt?  (It does not).

Any input anyone has would be greatly appreciated.


Sun, 13 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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