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 ai ai o, ?'s, thots

Hello, I am new here, have a friend dealing with ai and am trying to help. I
have some experience with otc immunomodulators, more on their activating or
balancing effects than suppressive.

I have a few ideas I think might be worth pursuing, maybe those who have gone
down those paths would care to comment or maybe I will forward something new to

Insulin Like Growth Factor-1: I would guess the liver not working much on
converting GH into this and maybe it would be helpful to supplement, I know
{*filter*}sprays are available. Just strikes me that this would be supportive.

Dr Neiber's calcium/lithium: claims to block the immune attack on liver cell
membranes, never heard of anything like this, worth a shot?

Amino metabolism: thinking of helping slow down the ammonia buildup and ascites
with a whey concentrate, creatine, lipoic acid and silymarin, help support the
urea cycle pathways and glutathione pathways.

Also trying plant sterols, there is some evidence these may be helpful in
correcting the immune response.

Transfer factor: short chain oligo peptides the sequences are messages to the
immune system and appear to help correct an unbalanced immune response. I have
seen case histories were this was helpful in ai thyroiditis.

These are some directions that I think we are going to try, would appreciate
comments and hope to get back with our experiences or please suggest other.

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Wed, 25 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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