Question: Cirrhosis long term prognosis and liver cancer 
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 Question: Cirrhosis long term prognosis and liver cancer

Hi.  My husband's Hep C has progressed to cirrhosis.  We are still
waiting on CT scan results, so we don't know the extent, just that the
inflammation level is 'stage 2' according to his doc.  10 years ago he
had stage II fibrosis, and he was 15 years clean and sober at that
point so we're hoping it's still early cirrhosis.

While researching stuff, I found that apparently the risk of liver
cancer increases by 3% per year for every year you have cirrhosis.

He's one more time going to try the pegasys/ribavirin treatment.  He
got off the last two times because he couldn't tolerate the side
effects, but this time he's going to stick with it, come hell or high
water (both of which are possible).

Thing is: IF this works and he clears the Hep C, does the increased
liver cancer risk still apply or does it go down?  


              Camilla Cracchiolo
               Registered Nurse
             Los Angeles, California

Fri, 02 Apr 2010 19:12:32 GMT
 Question: Cirrhosis long term prognosis and liver cancer

 Thing is: IF this works and he clears the Hep C, does the increased
 liver cancer risk still apply or does it go down?  

I have done the Ribarvirin/Peg Interferon over four years ago.I would
say from what I can gather,my main threat is now from Liver Cancer.I
hasten to add this is since I cleaned myself up and stopped drinking
and taking {*filter*}.I have now had
the Hep-c virus for 28 years,I recently quit smoking which according
to my specialist was my greatest weakness for the
onset of Cancer.I live in hope of a more permanent treatment for
myself,your Husband needs to stick with it as this might
be his way out,I am the wrong Genotype to clear altogether,but I did
gain a hell of a lot from the Rib/Peg.This cleaned me
up very good and I have been OK since.I do not get tired any more or
fatigued,or apathetic tell him to go for it,and to stick
it out.I did it with nothing to help me and I was living in a one room
hovel surrounded by noise day and night.I wish the pair of you all the
luck in the World,I will include you in my prayers.

Sun, 11 Apr 2010 07:31:52 GMT
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