Hypocrisy abounds in sci.psychology.psychotherapy 
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 Hypocrisy abounds in sci.psychology.psychotherapy

>             Hypocrisy abounds in sci.psychology.psychotherapy
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>             31 Oct 2002 06:50:30 -0800
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>Newsgroups:  sci.psychology.psychotherapy, sci.med.diseases.hepatitis
>Subject:  Hypocrisy abounds in sci.psychology.psychotherapy..
>Date:  Thu, 31 Oct 2002 21:36:12 +1000

>>My suggestion would be that kooks who call police, people's
>>employers, deans, etc. because someone disagreed with them in
>>a Usenet discussion should be hoisted by their petards and
>>relentlessly ridiculed for the spineless vermin they are.

>>>But Madam, that is exactly what your bosom-pal Kim does best.
>>>Yet, you in your 40+ wisdom, shirt-tailed with her ??

>Nope, she never shirt-tailed with me. Infact herself, iceman and
>taylor have obviously identified that I'm no innocent to any of this
>nonsense if you read their postings. Accuse me of that which you will,
>I can post my own defense.

>That being, nope...that is not exactly what Kim does best. This Kim.

>You will say, "oh, but you said I was S. Mazzeri." Yeah, I said that,
>but your not. Sue posted the email to you where she infact said that.
>It turned out to be bogus nonsense anyhow. She also apologized to you
>over the matter. Fact remains, your not the guy, so no outting
>occurred to anyone in that regard.

>You will say, "Oh, but you called Sue's boss, or faxed him or emailed
>him." Well.. like hell I did, where the hell is the proof of that? Sue
>had no problem posting every other email I ever sent her. She stated
>she posted the emails on her wall at work, why on earth would she have
>not posted those in SMDH then. She posted my personal emails to her
>from my work emails, which gave kooktard ponypud puller the
>opportunity to further splash my personal information all over usenet.

>I can't post the message ID's where kooktroup posted all my work info,
>because she pulled her post. It's under subject TWF Log or something
>like that, or kims work address.

>Did Sue's work info get posted after that? Yep, after I asked her how
>she'd like it and she replied "go ahead"

>You will say, but "you did this that and the other to puf, barcode,
>micron"...all the same person. Damn right I did, he threatened to{*filter*}
>and {*filter*} a child. Over and over again in SMDH. You can say I posted
>his address, but if you look it up, it's the address to the Yonkers
>Public Library. The letter to his welfare worker, never got sent, just
>posted to the group for the stupid pedo to get all stressed out about.

>Im not posting those message ID's, on the{*filter*} threats.

>Get this 2 cells. Jen, Sue and myself were all internet associated at
>one time. We've sent each other gifts, cards and all kinds of things.
>Called each other several times at our homes and places of employment.
>You don't see those address's phone numbers, last names or anything of
>the likes posted by me on any of them do you. Aside from Sue's work,
>after she assisted the kook in posting my employment info.

Y-O-U, Consistently persist in Outing more and more Information.
So you ae now admitting that you are harassing PonyPUD as you call HoofPrints, because you
know 2 cells???
That is why you called PonyPUD "Monica Lewinsky" when you knew that 2 cells was posting as
the President Of SMDH....

You are also in violation of your complaint to the Madera County Sheriffs Office regarding
Hoofprints sending you 3000 emails and harassing you.
You GAGED HoofPrints with that one, yet you persist to mention her name knowing that if
she responds to you, she will be arrested or fined over $1,000.00.

I do wish to thank you for this knowledge as it supports my assumption that Personal
Emails were being exchanged within the NG SMDH.

If you know that those emails amounted to nothing, why do you persist to play the
*vengeful* betrayed woman????

- Show quoted text -


>As far as Jen's claims of my posting her personal info. Well, besides
>what I said about her being manic, the rest was posted to this group
>and other public groups. She just don't like being called on it when
>she contradicts herself. I sent her a few money orders, to send gifts
>to Sue and others, so I had her real life info. Sue's too. She also
>sent me gifts and cards. I never posted her *personal* information or
>Sue's R/L info, aside from that which I had permission to do so.

>So go ahead and play your game, but the truth is out there, even with
>all of kooks posts pulled. Nope, Im not well liked in your circle of
>kooks, nor do I care. I'll even admit, I kooked out large when all the
>rape threats, personal info garbage was being thrown out there. But
>don't be accussing these people of defending me, because if you read,
>they did'nt defend me, they opposed an action. An action, Im not, and
>never have been guilty of.


>>Post responsibly! Disagree vehemently! Have fun!

>Does that also apply to Lynne's individual posting panache..?

>No-doubt you will have a mentally adjusted KiliWorld representation
>for the words, responsibly! vehemently! and fun!

>Well I have another mental representation for you, it is spelled

>Consider this post a thump across your head with a rolled-up

>Hem! nomina stultorum parietibus hoerent.. Vacca stulta.


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