July 2, 2001 Roches clinical trial 1 Levovirin 
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 July 2, 2001 Roches clinical trial 1 Levovirin

Roche licenses ICN's potential anti-hepatitis C drug
July 2, 2001 Monday 02:36 AM Eastern Time
Roche licenses ICN's potential anti-hepatitis C drug

    Roche Holding AG said it has licensed ICN Pharmaceuticals Inc's
rights for levovirin, a potential second-generation compound against
hepatitis C.
    Under this licensing agreement, Roche will pay ICN a one-off
licensing fee, as well as milestone payments.
    If levovirin is successfully developed and granted regulatory
approval Roche will also grant ICN royalties, Roche said.
    In return, Roche will be in charge of all future development
activities and  have global marketing rights with the exception of
some Eastern European countries.
    Roche is currently developing Pegasys, another anti-hepatitis C
drug, and  its use in combination with levovirin is forecast to set
new standards in this therapeutic area, it said.
    Phase I clinical trials with levovirin began in Feb 2001, while
Pegasys phase III clinical trials were reported last month, Roche

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