Aspirin Foundation of America Responds to Acetaminophen Liver Toxicity 
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 Aspirin Foundation of America Responds to Acetaminophen Liver Toxicity

Aspirin Foundation of America Responds to Acetaminophen Liver Toxicity


    WASHINGTON, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The Aspirin Foundation of
(AFA) today objected to press reports of a recent study from the
University of
Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver on acetaminophen toxicity.
study, published in the "Archives of Internal Medicine," was reported
showing that the maximum daily dose of acetaminophen is not associated
liver toxicity.  However, in a press release announcing the results of
study, which was sponsored by McNeil Consumer Healthcare (the maker of
Tylenol), the authors of the study converted the announcement into an
on the safety of products that compete with acetaminophen, like
aspirin and
other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory {*filter*}.
    Dr. Thomas Bryant, president of the AFA said, "It is unfortunate
that the
authors would use this limited study to mount an unfounded attack on
products."  He pointed out that the study only measured the liver
effects of
using the maximum dosage of acetaminophen for a two-day period, not
maximum dosage of 10 days, as indicated on Tylenol labels, and that
the study
did not address the side effects of competing products.
    "The researchers cannot use their research as the basis for any
comparative claims about competing products," Dr. Bryant said.  "There
nothing in this study which supports comparative claims against
aspirin or

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