Trojan Horses/Spyware/Malware/ ETC ETC ETC 
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 Trojan Horses/Spyware/Malware/ ETC ETC ETC

The names of the texts listed here are all infected with Trojans/
Spyware /Malicious Software
ETC. Please do yourself a big favour and ignore the bastards.

Oh just for the record Boys, your IDIOTIC attempt to cause problems is
a JOKE, I am sure a Kid
could have done a better job you {*filter*}ing Geeks. What a pity it is the
likes of shit-heads like you
can only waste your time by trying to put together childish little
viruses.Why don't you try and get
a Woman instead??,But we know the answer to that don't we??.You are
far too inadequate to even think of such a Grown Up thing to do.This
is what you avoid because you know that you  just can not fit in can
you you retarded pieces of shit!!, that's right you go and waste all
your time
writing pathetic little games to get up peoples Noses,I feel {*filter*}ing
sorry for you I really do.

Like I said beware of Bow Wow !! (That's original) Nursing Journals
(oh my a grown up subject!!)
Humane Society (which of course it never ever will be to you sad
stupid inadequate bastards)
Christmas Stockings ( Good God retards are you getting a little
horny?? this is when your 2 inch
{*filter*} goes hard and grows half an inch)
Obituaries News (Oh a real grown ups subject,what happened has your
Granny died or something
you idiotic cunts?? silly me you aren't cunts as they are useful and
you are not)

Mon, 01 Aug 2011 01:48:46 GMT
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