INFO: Types and Subtypes of genotype Hep C-1b most common in North America 
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 INFO: Types and Subtypes of genotype Hep C-1b most common in North America

Many Types and Subtypes


The hepatitis C virus is not one single homogenous virus, but rather,
there are differences in the gene sequence resulting in 4 major
genotypes. Within each genotype there are a number of subtypes, and
within the subtypes a number of quasispecies. The frequency of the
genotypes are different in different parts of the world, and genotype
1b is the most common in North America. There may be different
genotypes relating to the route of infection, and some genotypes such
as 1a, 3a and 4 may be more common in younger persons and type 2a
associated with older age. It is still controversial whether genotype
is related to severity and pathogenicity of the hepatitis, although it
has always been reported that type 1b responds less well to treatment
than other types. There is no correlation between genotype and
pathology or enzymes elevation. Each genotype and subtype may be
antigenically different, another factor making the development of a
vaccine very difficult.

Sun, 13 Mar 2005 09:11:30 GMT
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