FWD: I am Compelled to Make a Statement 
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 FWD: I am Compelled to Make a Statement

Date:  Tue Jan 29, 2002  9:37 am
Subject:  I am Compelled to Make a Statement.

I am Compelled to Make a Statement.

Hepatitis C is currently known to infect over 43,000 British Columbians,
almost 400,000 Canadians, over 4 million Americans and over
170 million people worldwide and it's not stopping there.
By current Medical estimates, that is probably only a third of the total
people who have it.
It is a terrifying disease and a horrible way to die and the people who
have it are discriminated against, in every way and in every respect.
Unclean. - Shunned. - Pariah.

This epidemic was not an `Act of God'! It was an act of men.
Don't blame Him for what you did.
A simple test to screen donor {*filter*} for Hepatitis to reduce the risk and
make it safer, was available since the 1950's and yet was never used.
They didn't have to wait for the exact HCV genome to be identified
to know that Hepatitis was in the {*filter*}.
Add to that the fact that, even though it was known to infect the {*filter*}
supply, {*filter*} Brokers and Government Agencies continued to
collect it from known contaminated sources.
They relabelled it, smuggled it, lied and destroyed records to
cover their tracks. They sold it, and the products and vaccines made
from it, around the world for profit.
They got away with it and criminal charges were never laid.
{*filter*} money.

Every continuing effort should be made to make the {*filter*} supply safer.

The people that have the disease are not responsible for spreading it
and it's not their fault that they have it.
If anyone ever tells you that `It's their own fault - a life-style choice'
about people who got it from intravenous drug use, this also is wrong.
The multi-billion dollar `Illegal Drug Industry' enslaves, decimates and
destroys their lives as well.
It's way worse than the Tobacco industry.

If safe practices were employed and contaminated products were not
`Mass-distributed for Profit', this disease would NEVER have reached the
Epidemic proportions that we now face.
It also never would have become the threat to society, through
body piercing, electrolysis, Medical procedures and vaccines, that it is.

This has truly been a `Crime against Humanity', in every way.
It is the number one cause for liver transplants and the
death toll will be in the millions.
It is on a scale of magnitude of the Holocaust when 3 1/2 million
Jewish people were {*filter*}ed.
We should learn a lesson from that and never rest until the truth is told,
restitution is made and we have learned never to let it happen again.
Try to set things aright.
Every effort should be made to relieve suffering, provide comfort and care
and develop truly effective therapies instead of the Hepatitis community
being used for research and profit by the Giant Pharmaceuticals.

In the words of Justice Horace Krever, this is truly
"The Worst Medical Disaster in our History!"

You know it's the truth!

May the Lord have Mercy on us all.

Victims of HCV

Take this with you to your Doctors, to your Conferences and your meetings
with Health Authorities and Government Agencies.
And never let anyone forget.

Please forward

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