Urgent-Need Heppers in Philadelphia, PA 
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 Urgent-Need Heppers in Philadelphia, PA

Dear Friends:

I have never posted here before but I'm sure some of you know me.  If you know
of anyone who can help us after you read the following please let us know.

Is there anyone who lives in the Philadelphia Area that could possibly help us
out. Our dear friend is in the University Hospital fighting for his life right
now. He needs a liver transplant. They can't get him stablized. His wife is a
complete mess and is truly in need of some company that understand this
disease. They are very dear people and I know someone here must live close by
that they could go over to the University Hospital of Pennsylvania in
Philadelphia and give his wife a little m{*filter*}support.

Please help if you can.

if you can help and we will give you all the details. Subject: Can Help In
Philadelphia or something like that.

We have to find someone to help her through this. I know there is someone out
there, just got to find you.

Thank you if you can help on behalf of all of us with Hepatitis C.

God Bless, Bethie

Sat, 14 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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