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 With a quack quack here and a quack.....


> Of course dah..ling, as you did in your supportive and positive
>{*filter*}-up with your *Peg OMG* lunacy

> Do you have any proof that PEG is safe? do you?

Once again Kims argument is that since there is not proof of ghosts,
there are ghosts.
Argument from ignorance.

Hi Lynne,

Of course Im ignorant...and all these {*filter*} have been reviewed or pulled for no
reason, simply because there was a citizen or two concerned with ghosts.

#1473 Letter to Dr. Jane Henney (FDA Commissioner) urging immediate recall of
Abbokinase, a widely-used clot-busting drug, because of possible contamination
with infectious agents (2/99) 10pp.

#818A Letter to FDA condemning the illegal decision to classify Actifed tablets
and syrup (Burroughs Wellcome) as effective for the treatment of seasonal and
perennial allergic rhinitis. (2/82) 6pp.

ACCUTANE (isotretinoin)
#910 Petition urging the FDA to immediately warn patients and doctors about
serious, life-threatening and vision-threatening adverse reactions occurring in
young healthy people using Roche's drug, Accutane (isotretinoin), approved for
the treatment of severe cystic acne. (9/83) 12pp.

#964 Objections to a statement of Roche officials concerning Accutane and
disagreement with Advisory Committee recommendations based on these statements.
(7/84) 9pp.

#1123 Testimony before the Dermatologic Drug Advisory Committee Meeting on the
drug Accutane, which causes severe birth defects and is used to treat cystic
acne. HRG urges restrictions on the authority to prescribe, on labeling, and on
sales, and recommends the use of informed consent forms by all female patients.
(4/88) 21pp.

#1125 Petition to the Commissioner of the cooking.net">food and Drug Administration, and to
the Secretary of Health and Human Services, urging that the distribution of the
drug Accutane be limited, in order to avoid further unnecessary birth defects
and {*filter*}s. (5/88) 18pp.

#1166 Testimony before the cooking.net">food and Drug Administration Dermatologic {*filter*}
Advisory Committee Hearing on Accutane, recommending immediate restrictions to
reduce Accutane prescribing to severe acne, postmarketing surveillance with
100% follow-up, and supplying product warnings to physicians. (5/89) 9pp.

#1199 Statement before the FDA Joint Fertility & Maternal Health and
Dermatologic Drug Advisory Committees on Accutane. Includes charts comparing
Accutane use in the US and other countries. (5/90) 7pp.

#1537 Comments by Larry D. Sasich, Pharm.D., M.P.H, FASHP before the FDA's
Dermatologic and Ophthalmic {*filter*} Advisory Committee meeting on isotretinoin
(Accutane) (9/18/00)




AIDS/{*filter*} - See also AIDS under HEALTH CARE DELIVERY INDEX
#1137 Petition by HRG and the American Public Health Association to Dr. Bowen,
Secretary of Health and Human Services, requesting a change in its policies on
patenting and licensing of AIDS related {*filter*} and vaccines developed in U.S.
Government institutions or other federal research grants. (8/88) 11pp.

#1139 Letter to National Institutes of Health proposing incorporation of price
controls and rate of development in licensing agreements for the promising new
AIDS drug CD4-PE. (10/88) 4pp.

#72 Report on aspirin in Alka-Seltzer as a cause of gastro-intestinal bleeding.
(4/73) 5pp.

#897 Citizen's Petition urging the FDA to halt over-the-counter (OTC) sales of
metraproterenol sulfate metered dose inhalers (Alupent) in order to prevent
unnecessary asthma deaths. (5/83) 8pp.

#1131A Transcript of the Good Morning America Show on the Air Force and
Amphetamine/Sedative use. (7/88) 2pp.




#993 Hearings in House Subcommittee on antibiotic misuse and antibiotic
resistance. (12/84) 6pp.

#1031 Letter to FDA regarding the international symposium on worldwide
antibiotic use which was delayed by drug companies. (9/85) 4pp.

#1440 Statement of Sidney M. Wolfe, MD, concerning the Center for Science in
the Public Interest report on threats to antibiotic effectiveness. (5/98) 3pp.


#1283 Citizen's petition for a ban and/or relabeling of Antidiarrheal {*filter*}.
(1/93) 21pp.

#1288 Testimony of Sidney Wolfe, MD, and Peter Lurie, MD, before the FDA
Over-the-Counter Advisory Committee Meeting on Anti-Diarrheal {*filter*}. (4/93)



#743 Testimony before FDA on the anti-obesity {*filter*} phendimetrazine,
diethylpropion and phentermine, concerning Drug Enforcement Agency
recommendations for rescheduling them. (11/80) 8pp.

#1128 Letter to Frank Young, M.D., Commissioner of the cooking.net">food and Drug
Administration, requesting initiation of regulatory action to have Roerig, a
subdivision of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, immediately withdraw their misleading
adverti{*filter*}t for Antivert as effective for vertigo. The adverti{*filter*}t depicts
an ironworker laboring on a pedestal high above the city, but cautions that
sleepiness is a possible side-effect. (6/88) 3pp.


#994 Letter asking FDA to remove Arlidin, an ineffective vasodilator, from the
market. (12/84) 14pp.





#781 Letter and petition to HHS requesting the removal of Bendectin from the
market because of lack of demonstrated effectiveness. (6/81) 12pp.

#843 Petition to HHS requesting that Bendectin and all other fixed-combination
{*filter*} containing doxylamine and pyridoxine be removed from the market because
of an animal study showing an increased risk of diaphragmatic hernia, a serious
birth defect. (6/82) l0pp.

#896 Petition urging FDA to immediately require a patient package insert (PPI)
for Bendectin, the prescription drug for morning sickness, warning women of the
risk of birth defects which may result from use of this drug. (5/83) 12pp.

#905 Letter to pharmacists concerning a letter from Merrell-Dow, the maker of
Bendectin, which is an attempt to bribe pharmacists to continue dispensing
Bendectin to pregnant women even though the manufacturer has ceased production
of the drug. (7/83) 4pp.


#778 Testimony before the Drug Abuse Advisory Committee Meeting recommending
that benzodiazepines be listed in the Schedules of the International Convention
on Psychotropic Substances. (5/81) 7pp.

#812 Letter urging HHS to ignore pressure from pharmaceutical firms attempting
to convince the U.S. not to support international controls for twelve dangerous
{*filter*}, all in the benzodiazepine family (Valium, Librium, Dalmane, etc.) (1/82)

#1272A Letters to the Editor of JAMA on the regulation of benzodiazepine
prescription. (7/92) 3pp.

#1467 Statement before FDA Science Forum on Biotechnology on threats to safe
and effective FDA regulation of products (12/98) 6 pp.

#543 Statement on reasons for decline in use of the birth control pill, citing
cancer studies. Includes chart on use patterns from l968 to l977. (5/78) 2pp.

#918 Letter urging FDA to warn American women and their doctors of two recent
studies showing a strong association between the birth control pill and {*filter*}
and cervical cancer. (11/83) 4pp.

#1116 Statement by Sidney Wolfe, M.D. to the FDA workshop on birth control
pills with an Estrogen content greater then 50 Micrograms, advocating that FDA
protect the health of women from the dangers of high dose estrogen pills by
banning their sale immediately. (1/88) 4pp.

#1153 Statement by Sidney M. Wolfe, M.D. on the need for immediate revision of
doctor and patient labeling for the birth control pill. (1/89) 2pp.

#1189 Petition to the FDA requesting a change in the labeling on {*filter*}
contraceptives to include a warning on the possible increased risk of {*filter*}
cancer. (2/90) 16pp.

#1126 Statement on Bromocriptine (Parlodel) to the FDA's Fertility and Maternal
and Child Health Advisory Committee, recommending that the indication of
Bromocriptine for lactation suppression in post-partum women be removed. (6/88)

#1146 Petition to Frank Young, Commissioner of the cooking.net">food and Drug Administration
(FDA), urging FDA to ban the use of hormones and the drug Bromocriptine
(Parlodel) to stop milk production and {*filter*} engorgement in women electing not
to {*filter*}feed after giving birth. (11/89) 17pp.

#1158 Follow-up letter to Frank Young, Commissioner of the cooking.net">food and Drug
Administration, concerning our November petition calling for a halt to the use
of Bromocriptine for lactation suppression. We inform FDA of the large number
of leading obstetricians who support our petition. (3/89) 4pp.

#1169 Statement before the FDA Fertility and Maternal Health {*filter*} Advisory
Committee hearing on lactation suppressants (Bromocriptine). (6/89) 6pp.

#1170 Continuation of statement before the FDA Fertility and Maternal Health
{*filter*} Advisory Committee hearing on Bromocriptine. (6/89) 5pp.

#1309 Petition to FDA urging them to immediately take steps to ban the
prescription drug Bromocriptine for the treatment of postpartum {*filter*}
engorgement (PPBE). (9/93) 13pp.

#1346 Letter to Kessler, FDA Commissioner, concerning filing of Public
Citizen's Health Research Group and National Women's Health Network law suit in
the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to force the FDA to
begin the process of banning the drug parlodel for post-partum {*filter*} ...

read more »

Wed, 19 Nov 2003 02:54:52 GMT
 With a quack quack here and a quack.....
How do you know it was not just the lot that was pulled?
that is the way this sounds.
Where is your proof that it has been permanently pulled due to *possible
contamination with infectious agents*.

well things like fen phen, halcion, and PPA (that was in about 70 other
medications listed there like alka selzer) I guess they had no need to
Thalidamide since are already off the market. But there is some hope you can
rest assured, its now being used in a cancer drug. :)))) Excellent news.
The other things are under review. But don't you worry your fuzzy little head
over it darlin, im sure its nothin.

So.... you show me the proof they are safe.
I just took my alpha lipoic acid, selenium and milk thistle...and I feel G
EEEREAT.... cya


Wed, 19 Nov 2003 04:31:31 GMT
 With a quack quack here and a quack.....
In fact Kim the other day you posted that products containing
prophenyline were being pulled doff the shelves, but you made it a point
to mention that they contained PEG in them.  do yo somehow think this
supports your hypothesis that PEG is the reason for these products being
pulled off the shelves.

nope I just typed in PPA in its full form and asked for ingredients and listed
in the ingredients in the Rx Mongraph was the wonderful and useful peg. Which
is also in a ton of the medications listed here...but not all of them. Just the
diarreah ones. heheeee


Wed, 19 Nov 2003 04:34:22 GMT
 With a quack quack here and a quack.....

I am not about to do your homework for you!! Sorry.

Oh I guess I must have misinterperted this:

<< Kim, I will dissect this frog and post just as much against your support of
what you state to be the case for chasing PEG

I don't need you to do my homework Lynne, Iv done it. But I can see your just
full of shit as usual, did'nt think you would verify anything, your lazy and
you lie like a LION. I still don't see you posting anything against my support
for chasing "peg ghosts" either. But feel free to Im interested in the pro's of

Common Sense Nutrition  
Healing from the Inside Out  Healing from the Outside In
Jeanne Shaw
Registered Nutritional Consultant  

The following substances may be contaminated with 1,4 dioxane:

Ethoxylated ingredients
Polyethylene Glycol
"-eth" ingredients like "laureth"
"oxynol" ingredients
polysorbate 60 and 80
Did you know?

The average human male {*filter*} count dropped 50% between 1938 and 1990

This is too short a period for genetic change.
The same drop in {*filter*} count is observed in nature--many animals are not
reproducing they way they should.

What's the problem?
1,4-dioxane is a potent carcinogen itself AND is related to dioxin--THE most
toxic chemical known. It is a POTENT hormone disruptor.

What's a hormone disruptor?

It is a chemical that the body THINKS is a hormone, even though it may not be
related to a hormone or even have a similar chemical shape to the
hormone.the body is tricked. Often the body thinks the chemical is an
estrogen. 1.4-dioxane is an 'estrogen mimic'.

Research on hormone disruptors / estrogen mimics
Labs across the US, Canada, and Europe were doing testing with {*filter*} tissue
cells and suddenly all the cells started to duplicate too fast. Researchers
FINALLY discovered that the supplier of pipettes had changed plastics--the
cells were recognizing the 'breakdown' chemical as estrogen and so were
duplicating. That's why it's called an 'estrogen mimic'--it bears no
relationship to estrogen but the body recognizes it as such. The research
that estrogen mimics are a potential 'cause' of the increase in
estrogen-related diseases and cancers (prostate, endometrial, {*filter*}).

Elsewhere, scientists noticed fish, birds and other animals were ill or acting
strangely below discharges from municipal waste outlets and sewage treatment
plants. Initially they thought they were witnessing an increase in
environmental estrogen because of the birth control pill. But they finally
traced the cause of the unnatural behavior to the breakdown of certain
chemicals in household detergents and personal care products.

These effects on animals are now showing up in humans. It takes only a tiny
amount of certain chemicals to shift the hormone balance. How much?

Imagine a 6-mile-long tanker train full of water and 1 drop of chemical:
That's how little it takes.
What's worse, it's considered a "single hit" problem: a single hit can create
irreversible damage. The effect depends on WHEN that droplet hits.

Hormone disruptors act as hand-me-down poisons passing from one generation to
the next, victimizing the unborn and the very young. They can create 3
generations of damage.

What are the results of hormone disruption?

Scientists have identified two directions for damage by estrogen mimics:

1. estrogen related problems: estrogen-linked cancers ({*filter*}, prostate,
endometrial) or hormonal/fertility disruption

2. immune suppression (immune / auto-immune disease) and behavi{*filter*}problems
(think of ADHD in children; this is happening in animals, too)

What can you do to avoid exposure to 1,4 dioxane?
 AVOID ingredients that may be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane unless the company
can assure you that they use a process called "vacuum stripping" AND this is
ascertained by third party scientists (NOT THE COMPANY ITSELF)

 AVOID products in unsafe plastic containers (soft plastics are estrogen
mimics). For safer plastics look for PETE or HDPE on the bottom of the


A List of Harmful and Potentially Cancer Causing Ingredients in Common
Cosmetics and Household Products

  http://www.***.com/ |1017|1|iframe|C|||_admonitor

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell

Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:06:19 GMT
 With a quack quack here and a quack.....
I am not about to do your homework for you!! Sorry.

Thats a shame because alot of those products contained PEG. I thought you'd
want to prove me wrong for real. I guess your just gonna be a lion with no
courage until you meet up with the wizard in OZ. But...oh yeah was'nt he a FAKE


Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:09:25 GMT
 With a quack quack here and a quack.....

>Thats a shame because alot of those products contained PEG. I thought you'd
>want to prove me wrong f

Prove you wrong? You haven't given anyone any conclusive information about the
shit except for a bunch of irrelevant links to chemicals that contain PEG...
and Lynne says...
<< but you made it a point
to mention that they contained PEG in them.  do yo somehow think this
supports your hypothesis that PEG is the reason>> REALLY!!
Who gives a flying {*filter*} about what the FDA pulls from the shelves - they didn't
pull it cuz it has PEG in it.
  Does that mean I'm supposed to pour out all of my Fat Free Ceasar salad
dressing?  I ain't doing it - that shit costs $3 a bottle and I'm eatin it.  As
for anything else that might be in my medicine cabinet, I think I'm smart
enough to read the ingredients and the warning labels and not take it if
something alarms me.  I would imagine that most everyone else here is that
intelligent as well.

Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:23:25 GMT
 With a quack quack here and a quack.....
You did not post where you got that information from is was a bunch of
cites with page numbers and no where to look at the rest of the
statement to see if you were doing your usual scare tactics and

here ya go :)))) let me know if its a plotted scare tactic linc or hysterical
link or if your just full of shit as usual.

http://www.***.com/ {*filter*}.htm

Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:27:15 GMT
 With a quack quack here and a quack.....
And you still did not answer where it is written that ephedra has PEG in

Im not doing your homework for you and I never said I would either. anywhere at

Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:32:22 GMT
 With a quack quack here and a quack.....
Key word a  lot of those products.
As in not all of those products.

phewwww wiping the sweat off my forehead for that. At least not *all* of them
contained PEG.

Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:33:27 GMT
 With a quack quack here and a quack.....
And you still did not answer where it is written that ephedra has PEG in
Ephedrine has no PEG in it - and I'd still use it if it did.  It's not been
banned by the FDA, cuz I buy it all the time...AND I know the warning label by
heart, just like my cigarettes.

Wed, 19 Nov 2003 09:34:06 GMT
 With a quack quack here and a quack.....
Who gives a flying {*filter*} about what the FDA pulls from the shelves - they didn't
pull it cuz it has PEG in it.

For one thing...I did not say they pulled it because it had PEG in it. I looked
up the ingredients in PPA and found out it had PEG in it *coincidently*. You
drew your own conclusion from there on more then one occassion. I give a flying
{*filter*} because I may have to endure combo or PEG or some such shit one day unlike
you or your cured husband. THATS WHY I *personally* GIVE A "FLYING {*filter*}"....

I don't care what you pour out, what you drink or don't what you inject,
inhale, eat or snort. I have posted relevant infomation on the dangers of PEG
which contain both dioxin and dioxane which are both extremetly
carcinogenic.Something which people with hep c are kinda trying to avoid. You
have posted a MSDS safety sheet... the same can be said for the transport of
{*filter*}, but that does not make {*filter*} safe now does it?  And if your saying im
not intelligent because I have serious concerns about PEG.... thats a shame,
because not only is it a relevant concern but its sad that people as
intellegent as you would draw a conclusion that its safe and support the
pharmacueticals to continue to sell it at the very risk of killing people in
the long run....but WHAT THE {*filter*} DO YOU CARE....you are never going to have to
make that choice. The next thing might come as a shock...but I did not bring
PEG up in this thread.... other then to mimick the professors post in the
original thread. YOU AND LYNNE continue to bring it up.... so why don't you
shut the {*filter*} up about it yourselves.

when the vodka runs out they drink polyetheyne glycol.

Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:00:03 GMT
 With a quack quack here and a quack.....
Prove you wrong? You haven't given anyone any conclusive information about the
shit except for a bunch of irrelevant links to chemicals that contain PEG

My irrelevant links are relevant to me. Dow and Union Carbide are the leading
chemical producers that make this stuff and provide information to the workers
on how to handle it when formulating the PEG itself. (not things that contain
it) Including the wearing of goggles, gloves and other protective gear. It also
gives infomation on what to do if you inhale, swallow, splash your eyes or let
it become to heated. You can down play it and tell everyone you want how safe
it is... I don't for a second believe it. You wanna start swearing your head
off to me in a news group because you don't agree, thats fine. But don't think
Im gonna back down cuz you and and hoof and mouth don't like it. You know where
to go if you don't like it.

 Now...if you have to go through all that to make the stuff...ummm its a little
concerning to imagine whats happening to a persons insides when they're
injecting it. Since the drug companies who are selling it refuse to answer my
questions directly...I do have to raise an eyebrow. Now if you get through and
they answer you...feel free to let me know what they say. Other then, the
studies are incomplete and long term effects are unkown. But .. we do factually
know that interferon can cause a second cancer amongst about 50 other
debilitating problems.


Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:26:36 GMT
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