Need Case Study Names/Dates 
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 Need Case Study Names/Dates

Boogers!  Just got my {*filter*} test results back, doesn't look like the
herbs are working, or maybe they are and I "should" be MUCH worse off.

AST  163
ALT  459
bDNA  44 (The doctor said 44,000, but since the threshold for the bDNA
process is 200,000, I must assume that he meant 44,000,000)

That's from undetectable January 9th, to < threshold in February, to .22
(220,000) in August.

The Doctor has written a Rx for Intron-A 3X3, with the directive to use
it as I see fit.  Now what I need are case study names about the
efficacy of Infergen, or maintenance IFN.  So far, the only one in this
group that I know of on maintenance is Max and he's hibernating.  I need
this to take to my insurance company to get them to a) reconsider their
denial of Infergen or b) cover IFN so I can get back to normal LFTs and
undetectable bDNA or PCR.


           I think my character is strong enough, thank you.
       Could I avoid the character building experiences for a while?
        DC.B f++s-df+++h+CRG#a*$--(m)(d)WL-+Fr---L2mB-e-gi--!U-

Tue, 07 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT
 Need Case Study Names/Dates
paul, dang it .... i'm so sorry honey.  you've been under tremendous stress
w/mary's rejection and stuff.  that could be a big part of it .... i had a
bunch of things on infergen but don't seem to have them anymore .... i'll find
some things for you that may help tho, trying going to the amgen website tho
and also to webmd or shn ..... they usually have lots of good, non prejudiced

hang in there friend


Tue, 07 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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