Urine, aches, etc...etc....etc..... 
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 Urine, aches, etc...etc....etc.....

> Barb,
> If I were you I would make an appointment with a Urologist asap.  It sounds
> gross hematuria to me.
> Hoof

Oh and Barb,  I did have a case of gross hematuria, went through cystoscopy,
ultrasound.  On ultra sound they found some lumps.  I was then scheduled for
surgery, so I opted to use my OB/GYN.  It turned out that my ovaries had
gone amuck
and developed endometriosis (sp) around them.  One was hard and the other
swollen to three times its normal size with gelatinous stuff.  (I wanted to
see, but
he would not let me and knocked me out during the surgery.)  This was 2 and
one half
years after i had a partial hysterectomy.  He also stood well away from the
this time when they rolled me into recovery as he knew from the previous
surgery, I
would jack knife up off the gurney and grab at anything near by with my
smart Doctor, and laughable too, and I am glad he did this.
Anyway go see a urologist, mine was not as bad as yours sounds as I still
could fill
a cup with {*filter*}y urine.  I also did not have any edema.

////Thanks for the info. My doc sound a cyst (fibroid?) on my ovary. He said
that there was nothing to fret about....that it was only about 1 cm big, but
they would keep an eye on it. I feel like I'm falling apart. My memory sucks
the big one....it's getting worse every day. I feel like I want to blame
this all on the hep-c but that would be too easy. What about the aches and
pains? Is THAT a hep thing, or could it just be the change in weather? Hmmm.
I'm lost. I'm gonna go and eat something yummy now. Forgot to eat today!!!!
How about a sweet potato? That seems to be my main staple these days! Tis
the season!
Thanks again for your info. I do appreciate it a lot! ((((Hoof))))))


Sun, 18 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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