Study Comparing Kava Kava to Benzodiazepines in Patients With Anxiety 
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 Study Comparing Kava Kava to Benzodiazepines in Patients With Anxiety

Healthnotes Review Publishes Key European Double-Blind Study Comparing Kava
Kava to Benzodiazepines in Patients With Anxiety

PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- An important study comparing the
herb, kava kava, to benzodiazepines (a category of prescription {*filter*}, such
as Xanax(R), used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, and other conditions) has
been published in Healthnotes Review of Complementary and Integrative
Medicine (HNR), a clinical review journal of scientific research in
complementary and alternative medicine. Kava is a member of the pepper family
and is native to many Pacific Ocean islands. The rhizome (underground stem)
is used in standardized herbal extracts.

The study was conducted at the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg in 1993. This
is the first time the results, which appear in HNR's Winter 1999 issue, have
been published in the United States.

The clinical trial was carried out as a randomized
reference-substance-controlled double-blind study over a period of six weeks
and involved 172 patients. The researchers found that the patients who
received 100 mg of a standardized kava extract three times a day experienced
a significant decrease in anxiety comparable to that experienced by patients
who took benzodiazepines.

"This is the first study to directly compare kava to benzodiazepines in
persons with mild to moderate anxiety," explains Dr. Donald J. Brown,
Healthnotes Review's Editor-in-Chief. "The results represent an important
addition to the general knowledge of how kava works and its potential as a
safe and non-{*filter*}ive therapeutic alternative to benzodiazepines."

Dr. Brown, a licensed naturopathic physician, is one of the foremost experts
in the United States on evidence-based herbal medicine. He is the author of
Herbal Prescriptions for Better Health (Prima Publishing, 1996) and the
co-author of the newly released Clinical Essentials Vol. 1:
Drug-Herb-Supplement Depletions/Interactions and Vol. 2: Conditions, Herbs,
and Supplements (Healthnotes, Inc., 2000).

To review a complete copy of  "A Comparison of Kava Special Extract WS 1490
and Benzodiazepines in Patients with Anxiety," go to
For more information on Clinical Essentials Science-Based Reference volumes,

The HNR Winter 1999 issue also features reviews of the latest in herbal and
nutrition research and updates on herb safety and natural healthcare.
Published by Healthnotes, Inc., the quarterly publication reviews primary
scientific research about clinical nutrition, phytotherapy, and other
complementary therapies, and includes discussions about the integration of
complementary and conventional approaches.

Healthnotes, Inc., independently develops and distributes fully referenced,
scientific, and balanced information on complementary and alternative
medicine. Gathered from scientific studies published in peer-reviewed medical
and scientific journals, the information is incorporated into several print
and electronic products, including HNR and Healthnotes Online-an acclaimed dat
abase that provides quickly accessible information about selected health
conditions, herbs, vitamin supplements, homeopathic remedies, and
drug-nutrient depletions and interactions.

Founded in 1986, Healthnotes, Inc., is located in Portland, Oregon. In
addition to the HNR, the company's publications for healthcare professionals
include the Clinical Essentials Series. Healthnotes Online is available
through information kiosks in over 5,000 pharmacies, supermarkets, and
natural">food stores nationwide; and from more than 25 Internet partners.

SOURCE  Healthnotes, Inc.

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