A "Different" Kind of Treatment 
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 A "Different" Kind of Treatment

From John Gardin regarding Treatment at the William Hitt Center in I believe
Mexico --- Ozone Therapy and more

Disorders of the immune system: The immune system is the body's first
line of defense against countless immunogens, including allergens and
pathogenic microorganisms.  In susceptible individuals the constant
stress of exposure to viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites as well as
man-made substances in the environment can lead to disorders of the
immune system.

Immune disorders fall into three general categories: hypersensitivity
disorders, autoimmune disorders and immunodeficiencies (the category
where HCV falls). Traditional treatment of these immune disorders has
focused on alleviating symptoms.  At the William Hitt Center, treatment
strategies confront the causes of these disorders.

Cytology and immune disorders: At the William Hitt Center, treatment is
centered upon cytology - the study of cells.  Dr. William Hitt's finely
honed diagnostic skills, coupled with his mastery of microscopy (when is
the last time you saw a physician with a microscope?) enable him to
diagnose disease at the cellular level, thus targeting the cause, rather
than the symptoms, of the disorder.

Prior to beginning treatment at the William Hitt Center, each patient
undergoes a cytological evaluation.  A modified Pap smear is prepared
using the patient's nasal mucosa, and the resulting slide is
microscopically examined by Dr. Hitt.  This allows Dr. Hitt to
determined the cause of the symptoms that the patient is experiencing.
Based upon this evaluation, and the results of standard laboratory
tests, Dr. Hitt develops an individualized treatment program utilizing
Major Autohem Therapy and/or Urinary Immunomodulator Treatment.  At
every subsequent appointment, freshly stained cells are studied,
carefully evaluated, and treatment is appropriately modified to reflect
the patient's changing physical state and response to treatment.  It is
this combination of cytological evaluation coupled with sound medical
treatment that sets the William Hitt Center apart in the treatment of
immune disorders.

Ozone and Major Autohem Therapy (MAHT): Of all the anti-viral agents
known, none appears to offer the unique advantages of ozone.  Because of
its potent oxidizing power, ozone is able to deactivate all known
viruses and bacteria.  A naturally occurring gas, it is able to diffuse
into the {*filter*} with incomparable ease and rapidity, delivering its
biochemical actions almost instantaneously.  A powerful
anti-inflammatory agent, ozone also stimulates the immune system to
higher levels of immune potency necessary to counter infection.

Major autohem therapy (MAHT) is the intravenous treatment of a patient's
{*filter*} with precise doses of ozone.  The result is a culling action due
to the direct effect of ozone and its metabolites on viral particles.
This translates into a progressive and dramatic lessening of the number
of viral particles in the body (termed the "viral load").  In addition,
a by-product of ozone therapy is cytokine induction, including
interleukins and interferons which are potent immune system modulators.
And since MAHT creates a calculated and brief oxidative stress in the
body, it up-regulates intracellular, anti-oxidant enzymes including
glutathione, superoxide di{*filter*}ase and catalase.  This serves to reverse
oxidative processes in the body.  And finally, after each ozone
treatment, there exists in the serum a host of fragmented virions, some
of which are processed by the immune system for the elaboration of its
own defense.

As with most applications, ozone has a therapeutic window within which
it is very effective.  Below this range, ozone is ineffective.  Above
this range, it can begin to destroy healthy cells.  Most practitioners
utilizing ozone do so in a "one size fits all" approach, dosing the
ozone at the lowest common denominator in hopes of avoiding toxicity.
Dr. Hitt is able to accurately maximize the therapeutic dose by
examining each patient's cells microscopically before and after each
treatment.  It is this individualization of MAHT that makes the
treatments at the William Hitt Center safe and effective.

Urine immunomodulator treatment (UIT): The answers to the mysteries of
immune disorders can be found in the body's own sera - including urine.
While tradition holds that urine is a waste product, a true picture of
urine is of a complex body serum, similar in its composition to {*filter*}.
Today, sophisticated modern technology allows medical scientists both to
understand the therapeutic properties of urine and to exploit it for its
beneficial components.

Urine immunomodulator treatment involves obtaining a sample of a
patient's urine, testing it, filtering it and then reinjecting it into
their body.  For highly specific disorders of the immune system, serum
filtered from the patient's own kidneys is the best source of substances
that affect and control immunological response.

The treatment of hypersensitivity disorders (asthma, atopic and acquired
allergies): Minute antigen receptors sloughed off the surface of
lymphocytes as they travel through the kidneys are filtered from the
urine of a patient suffering from asthma and/or allergies.  When
reinjected into the same patient via UIT, these antigen receptors
stimulate the production of an antibody against themselves - a natural
vaccine that stops allergies and asthma.

The treatment of autoimmune disease (rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis,
lupus erythematosus, Sjogren's syndrome): Autoimmune disease is a
genetic problem in which the body's immune response misfires and becomes
self-destructive.  This maladaptive immunological response is often
initiated by viruses interacting on lymphocytes causing irregular
production of immunoglobulins.  To deactivate the viruses, MAHT is
administered.  In addition, UIT is employed because a number of
immunomodulators are found in the urine (cytokines, antigen receptors,
immunoglobulins, urea) that have the ability to enhance or suppress
autoimmune disease and control it.  Patients are also given regular
applications of mega-doses of vitamins and minerals intravenously to
assist in rebuilding the immune system.

The treatment of immunodeficiency disorders (HCV, chronic fatigue
syndrome, candidiasis, HIV/AIDS, Epstein-Barr, herpes, mononucleosis,
cytomegalovirus infection): All immunodeficiency diseases are caused by
a suppression of the immune system.  This suppression may be inherited
or triggered by the transmission of viruses or other microorganisms.  In
either case, a significant viral load is usually present.  The first
step in addressing these diseases, then, is to eliminate the viruses
which are present by utilizing MAHT. Since ozone deactivates viruses
indiscriminately, the specific virus or genome of a virus is irrelevant
to effective treatment.  All that needs to be determined is that a virus
is present, which is accomplished cytologically.  Once the viruses are
eliminated, UIT is utilized because urine contains many cytokines (cell
hormones), such as gamma interferon and interleukins, that serve to
enhance the immune system's competency.  As the immune system begins
functioning at a more effective level, it begins coding in its own
response to the disease in question.  Regular mega-doses of vitamins and
minerals serve to draw imbedded viruses out of dormant cells, where they
can then be destroyed by MAHT treatments, as well as to strengthen the
immune system in general.

Sorry for the lengthy note, but that should help clarify what we are

the beginning of this, that is not as reliable as calling me - Dr. John
Gardin - (toll free) at (888) 671-9849.  Hope this helps.  God bless,
Dr. John

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 A "Different" Kind of Treatment


>Date: 2/10/00 8:32

  Remember those crab that got loose from your aquarium?  You better check for
Lana's Chinese Red Ants too!  

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 A "Different" Kind of Treatment


> >Date: 2/10/00 8:32

> Sue,
>   Remember those crab that got loose from your aquarium?  You better
> check for
> Lana's Chinese Red Ants too!  
>     David
> rofl

Didn't Lana call them Fire ants?  "Fine bred mountain fire ants" because
I joked with her about anybody fine breeding ants!  They would probably
thrive in Sue's house.


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 A "Different" Kind of Treatment
i know david ...... there's red ants all over the place now!  LOL

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