Peppermint Patti's FAQ/Questions to ask your doc 
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 Peppermint Patti's FAQ/Questions to ask your doc

Peppermint Patti has a list of questions to ask your doctor at your
appointment as well as an entire document introducing HCV.  Her site
is a member of the Hepatitis web ring.

Here's her website.

http://www.***.com/ ~clotho

Also, for Lanea ..... Determining Genotypes:

Genotype Determination using RFLP's and a Gene Probe
A DNA probe that hybridizes to the 5' end of the human beta globin gene was
used to identify RFLP pieces from members of a family in which sickle-cell
hemoglobin (HbS) was segregating. The normal HB allele (HbA) is cut at three
places by a particular restriction enzyme. The HbS mutation destroys the
internal restriction site so the HbS gene is cut in only two places. Thus, the
probe hybridizes to a 1.15 kb DNA fragment from HbA DNA and hybridizes to a
1.35 kb fragment from HbS DNA.

lanea ...... here is another short explanation but heck of i understand it, LOL

go to the above url and read ..... read ..... read .......


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