TV ads warning about skin cancer cause rush for skin checks - Australia 
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 TV ads warning about skin cancer cause rush for skin checks - Australia

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Skin cancer ads hit nervous spot
By Kate Sikora
February 01, 2008 02:00am

SKIN cancer clinics in Sydney are reportedly booked out for the next three
months with an overwhelming amount of young people - frightened by recent
TV ads - wanting skin checks.

But cancer experts have warned against visiting clinics after some were
found to give misleading diagnosis.

Aggressive television advertising campaigns over summer, warning of the
dangers of melanoma, have sparked the surge in demand for skin checks.

The recent death of Victorian girl Clare Oliver, who died after using
solariums, has also been attributed to the increased awareness of skin

Parramatta Skin Cancer Clinic's Dr Di Tran said summer was historically
busy, but his clinic was now booked until April.

"We are seeing a lot of new patients. Normally we get a lot of older
people who are regulars but there people are coming and talking about the
ads they see on television," he said.

Other skin cancer clinics surveyed by The Daily Telegraph yesterday
reported waits of between two weeks and three months.

In 2005, 3505 new cases of melanoma were diagnosed in NSW. This year the
number is expected to be 3800 and by 2010 it is projected to hit 4200.

Skin cancer clinics have been criticised for fuelling a "misconception"
that they offer superior melanoma testing.

The NSW Government is proposing to review the one-stop cancer shops after
concerns were raised by consumers.

Leading melanoma surgeon and director of Sydney Melanoma Unit Professor
John Thompson said skin cancer clinics did not always provide specialist

"People believe the clinics are staffed by specialists. In the vast
majority of cases that's not true. They are just GPs who have set up the
clinics," he said.

"Patients are just as well off going to a GP. I think finally there seems
to be increased awareness getting through."

The bigger question is will this change lifestyle habits?
such as covering up at peak times, skin protection, no tanning beds..

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