To Pearl and Tom and Patti and Roger and all the others crossposting 
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 To Pearl and Tom and Patti and Roger and all the others crossposting

Trim your &*%$^#$ headers

Thu, 14 Sep 2006 01:22:17 GMT
 To Pearl and Tom and Patti and Roger and all the others crossposting


> Trim your &*%$^#$ headers

Maybe you could make up a short Charter for this newsgroup ?

Who determines what is appropriate in
Steph, madiba, Orac and Peter Moran (ie the doctors)

Who can vote on this Charter?  The doctors. (?and some of the recognized
regulars of

Cross-posting should be limited to other appropriate groups.
Trim cross-post groups from your replies.

What is prohibited?
Cross-posting from alt.animals.ethics.vegetarian,,, soc.culture.usa, talk.politics.animals

Just because it is posted (multiple times) on
does not make it true.

Choose your topic/subject line carefully to obtain the best replies.
Non-specifics like "Help" or "Question" make it more difficult to search
them later (for others) in the Google archives. A well-thought out
subject will get the attention of the persons you hope to reach quicker
than a "generic" subject line.

Posting in HTML or attachments containing binaries or images are

Verify that your newsreader options for posting to a newsgroup are set
to TEXT, and not set to HTML. Plain text means it's text only, with line
length under 80 (preferably under 72) characters. See Configuring Mail
Clients to Send Plain ASCII Text.

Do not use stationery backgrounds, color backgrounds, or color text. Use
plain text on a plain background

Please use good netiquette, trim quoted material (long messages) or
unnecessary cross posting in your replies, and avoid top posting and
SHOUTING. Don't assume that your message will be read at the same time
as the post you are replying to, and don't assume that all readers will
be using a threaded newsreader. By quoting the relevant parts of the
message you are replying to, it provides a context for your reply. Your
message will make more sense to readers if you reply below quoted text.
This is true if the reader has not seen the post to which you are
replying, or reads it out-of-order.

Test messages are prohibited use alt.test instead and put "ignore" in
the subject.

Troll posting (cross-postings directed to s.m.d.c. from other newsgroups
with the express purpose of disrupting the s.m.d.c. group), flame
baiting or unwarranted flaming is prohibited.

You must abide by your Internet Service Provider's Acceptable Use Policy
to be a member in good standing of Violation of
your ISP's AUP is a violation of our policies and opens you to
prosecution by the group.

This is an unmoderated newsgroup by definition. Having said that, there
exists a form of user moderation. We cannot control what you post to the
NG, but we can and do hold you accountable for straying from acceptable
behavior as defined in this FAQ. This is not intended as censorship, but
rather, to prevent the newsgroup from turning into a cesspool. Please
help us keep the signal-to-noise ratio down.

The newsgroup will prosecute violations of the Charter as deemed
necessary by the group.

(pick whatever else you might want from


Sat, 16 Sep 2006 19:35:12 GMT
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