Australian's with Cancer 
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 Australian's with Cancer

Help defeat cancer by telling your story

My firm, Creative Response, is engaged by a well known not-for-profit
organization to raise funds for cancer research, as well as to support those
with cancer.

We would like to hear from Australians (particularly those in NSW) who are
willing to have us write about some aspect of their personal story of

The objective of telling your story would be to help the charity raise
to defeat cancer and / or to build awareness of cancer.

All information would be treated confidentially. Nothing will be published
unless you specifically authorise anything we may write as a result of our
discussions with you.

Once you got in touch with us, if we have a place where your story can be
used, we'd interview you by phone to get more details.

For instance, your story might include any of:
how you were diagnosed,
your particular medical situation,
any complications,
the size of your family and the impact on them,
how you told your family when you found out,
charities that have helped you and what they did for you,
what you'd like to say to the public,
your treatment,
your feelings,
your hopes,
your fears etc.

We have an ongoing need for stories. Notwithstanding the date of this
note, we expect to be developing materials around people's stories for at
the next 12 months. Whenever you see this message, please get in touch if
you'd like to work with us to tell your story.

Initially, just a short note about your story is fine.  However, if you
want to include any of the above information, please feel free to tell us
More information helps us work out how and where to best raise funds for
etc with your story.

Even if you want to check if this is a scam (which it isn't) please get in
touch.  I'm very happy to tell you more about us and who we work for, or
show you other appeals we've written that incorporate stories people have
kindly allowed us to use.

By the way, I have a PhD, but not in medicine, so I'm hopeless at
understanding all those big Latin words.

Rather than leave a note on this board, please send an e-mail direct to me

include your phone number.
Many thanks and all the best.

Dr Stuart McGill
Creative Response Pty Ltd
62 Darling St, Balmain, NSW 2041
Phone 02 9810 1666
Fax 02 9810 1777

Mon, 03 May 2004 09:52:10 GMT
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