OT nursing staff having cancer 
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 OT nursing staff having cancer


My sister who has been working in the operating theatre in a Hong Kong
hospital for 17 years and she has been diagnosised as having stomach cancer
four months ago.  She has received an operation in last September and is now
now chemotherapy.

During the same period, there were another three colleagues of my sister who
have also been working in the same OT for more than 10 years being diagnosised
as having {*filter*} cancer (two female nurses) and NPC (one male nurse).  

They are now very concerned and curious about whether their illnesses are in
someway related to their working environment that they have been exposed to
for an exceptionally long period of time.  Their initial hunch points to the
possibility of the emission of certain 'substances' from high-tech. machinery
in OT.  

I myself is not working in medical related field and therefore would like to
ask on behalf of my sister and her colleagues from people 'out there' if they
have any experience or ever heard of similar things or having similar hunch...

All your feedback are welcome.



Hong Kong.

Sun, 18 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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