Urethral Metastatic Carcinoma 
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 Urethral Metastatic Carcinoma

My boss, age 64 has been diagnosed with a form of urethral metastatic
carcinoma.  He has been to several different doctors, including the
Sloan-Kettering institute in New York.  They have tried several
chemotherapies on him with no success.  They have told him there's
nothing else they can do for him, and he figures he has about 6 months
left.  He has asked me to search the internet for any new therapies
which might save his life.  

I would appreciate it if anyone with any information which might help

experimental {*filter*} which are types of inhibitors.  Specifically there
is a new one in early stages of testing which is the Ras inhibitor.

If anyone knows how he could get into this program as a test candidate
please email me with the details.

Thank you,

Eric Sentner

Fri, 19 Sep 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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