Non-hodgkins lymphomas? 
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 Non-hodgkins lymphomas?


>What can anyone out there tell me about non-hodgkin's lymphomas?  My
>mother was recently diagnosed.

I am interested in non-Hodgkin's myself, I am not a medic but a statistician and
 I am currently researching the incidence of this lymphoma in transplant
 patients. This particular form of lymphoma, while still relatively uncommon in
 the general population is becoming more and more common as people with
 poor immune system function, ie transplant patients and AIDS sufferers in
 particular are becoming more numerous. In patients who fall into neither of
these categories it tends to be older people who develop this lymphoma, the
literature suggests that this too is becoming more common.

I would be very interested if anyone had reliable figures on incidence rates of
this lymphoma by age and geographical location, or information about survival



Mon, 07 Jul 1997 21:05:50 GMT
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