BREAKTHRU CANCER TREATMENT - Endostatin /Angiostatin Booklist 
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 BREAKTHRU CANCER TREATMENT - Endostatin /Angiostatin Booklist

Endostatin /Angiostatin Booklist

EntreMed announced that Endostatin and a related drug, Angiostatin were
shown to have significant tumor suppression results in trials with mice. The
{*filter*} work by turning off the {*filter*} supply systems to targeted tumors.
Angiostatin and Endostatin proteins were discovered by Judah Folkman, a
Harvard University cancer researcher.

http://www.***.com/ ;lists  journal citations and
books relevant to understamding cancer and how these kind of {*filter*} may work.

other highlighted pages:
http://www.***.com/ ; HIGH QUALITY ART BOOKS: See what the art
masters have been up to.
books are geared for the interested layperson. Some are written by
distinguised scientists. All are thought provoking (even for the

http://www.***.com/ ;Microsoft VISUAL BASIC - The emerging
standard for rapid protoyping.
http://www.***.com/ ;Orson Scott Card's - Ender Quartet - A very
engaging series.
http://www.***.com/ ; The recommended books directory.

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