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Medical Politics---an AIDS cure to demonstrate how medical politics
keeps viable therapies from the public.  Dr Shulze ran a clinic for 20
years in secret until he gave a lecture and was put in jail.  He is now
out but doesn't practice, to stay out of jail.  Some 400,00 people have
died from aids, and continue to do so.

Interview with Dr Shulze:

To cure AIDS, its a total life style change --- not a drug or a pill.
Natural healing can cure AIDS. But if you are looking for one special
anti-viral herb to solve this disease, youre as nuts as the doctors.
How stupid can these experts be (and the patients, too), to believe that
a single drug, a chemical on its lonesome, can cure a total body
breakdown? We don't need any more research money to cure AIDS. In case
you are groggy or dense and didn't get my point, I will repeat it: AIDS
can be cured. Right now. Forget the DNA research. Forget the emotional
fund-raisers. They're not necessary.  It can also save those who are
skin and bone and sores and diarrhea. If you follow all this
information, you can end up cured and HIV-negative. Sympathy and
understanding cannot cure AIDS. This information will cure --- but only
if you use it with all your heart and soul. If people would live right,
eat right, think right, use natural healing, and stop taking all {*filter*},
the AIDS epidemic would end.----Sam Biser

SCHULZE: Referring back to that AIDS case we discussed on the
videotapes, he was in the hospital .He had a T-cell count of 1 or 2---
and had about a week to live.
He was one of my most dramatic recoveries with AIDS, and the reason I
say that is that he was the most far gone. He was in the absolute, end
stage -- they have that wing in the hospital where they have given up on
you. You can smoke pot and do anything you want. They had given up on

He was the sickest. He was just skin wrapped around bones. I've had
people with Karposi's sarcoma, and I've had people with pneumocystic
lung fibrosis, but he was one of the only ones
I had that had both lungs diseased full-blown, advanced.

BISER: He had red blotches all over his skin.

SCHULZE: All over his body. Most people --- usually it's more prevalent
on the feet.

BISER: But he had them all over?

SCHULZE: He had them on his head, his face, his arm, his chest.

BISER: Dont  you ever get scared that you, yourself could get something
from them?

SCHULZE: Again, not that I am perfect, but it's another great motivation
to take care o) myself and eat right and live a fairly clean life. But I
also feel --- I've always felt pretty impervious to this stuff. You know
how it is being an Aries.

BISER: Oh, you feel rugged

SCHULZE: I'm headstrong. I feel tough. I don't believe a lot in the germ
theory of disease. In other words, if you do get this sick, you've got
to set up an environment for it. I take very good care of myself. I also
know that orthodox medical beliefs about AIDS are wrong.

'A few years ago, I put a lot of energy out that I wanted to work with
people with full-blown AIDS."

BISER: You put the word out?

SCHULZE: Yeah. This was mid-80's --- 1985, maybe. I wanted to let people
know that natural healing had no boundaries. AIDS certainly wasnt a
boundary, just because it was the new thing.

I think I said that somewhere, and it was on an audio tape, and this man
heard the tape. So, I went to visit him, even though he only had one
week to live. It was like, "Wow" I thought to myself, "Maybe I got into
more than I can chew here." He was bad. But he really believed, even in
his horrible state. He believed he could be well.

"The only reason the doctor is saying this terminal AIDS patient can't
leave the hospital is because he's making $1,000 a day off this guy.
It's just a money thing."

BISER: What did you do immediately so that he wouldn't die in one week?

SCHULZE: Got him out of the hospital. This is the hard thing because to
lot of people that I see, the doctors say 'If you leave, you'll die."

Well, if you stay there, you're going to die, so get out of there.
Nothing can really be done in a hospital environment. They are feeding
you lime Jello. They have IV's with sugar in your arm. So, I said to his
boy friend, "They say he's dead. He doesn't want to be here."

Everybody is so alien to this thought of dying at home. For Americans,
it's so unusual. I said, "Let's get him the hell out of here." I said,
"Just getting him home would stimulate his immune system." And so his
boyfriend agreed.
I had to get an ambulance service to pull this off, because the doctor
sits there saying, "No, I don't want to release him."

BISER: So, you got the release.

SCHULZE: Yeah. You didn't even have to get a release. Anybody in this
country has the right to pull the plug and walk the hell out of a

I called an ambulance service with some big sumo wrestler-type guys, and
they just came and had an argument with the doctor myself. I said  He
wants to go home and that's where he's going.
So, we got him home and went the whole route. They had to get a juicer;
they didn't have a juicer. We got a juicer on the way home. This guy
really became a juice fanatic. Some people do. They drink it, and they
feel it, they love it. And I then we did  a lot, obviously

BISER: By the middle of the next day he was heavy into it?

SCHULZE: Not even the middle of the next day. We got him out right then.
It wasn't even the next day We got him out right away He was out of
there. They picked up the juicer. I went over to their place that night,
got them going the juicer --- the whole program.

'juice-fasting is like a {*filter*} transfusion for sick patients who are
wasting away to death."

BISER: Did he start the herbs that day too?

SCHULZE: The first is juice-fasting. That's what I start out heavy with.
And then, over the next couple of days, we started into heavy doses of
immune-boosting herbs  the echinacea. He was doing about 10 dropperfuls
a day of echinacea tincture, but also echinacea root tea.

BISER: How much echinacea root tea?

SCHULZE: Id say about 4 to 6 cups a day, whatever we could keep down
him. You can't get a lot in.

BISER: You knew you might only have a week to make a turnaround

SCHULZE: Absolutely. When people are this thin, they tend to not be able
to take much in their stomach That's where the tinctures come in really
nice, because you don't have to consume a large volume.

We had him on the teas, we had him on the detoxes, liver flushes,
bowel-cleansing. We were doing a lot of{*filter*}s because his bowel wasnt
working at all.

I also did heavy bowel-cleansing to stop the constipation and diarrhea.

There wasn't much coming out. There was very dark, hard material, you
know just like chunks of debris. They had him on some pain stuff, and
that stopped his bowels. One thing that was important with him was the
juices really boosted him up.

BISER: What kind of juices?

SCHULZE: One of my favorites, and we used this with him, is carrot,
beetroot and beet leaf.

BISER: A mixture of those three?

SCHULZE: Like 50% carrot and 25% beet root and 25% beet leaf. I remember
his {*filter*} count was very low We got his {*filter*} count normalized in 3
days. Not his T-cells, but his red {*filter*} cells. His hemoglobin count was
very low

BISER: What did his boyfriend think when, in three days, his {*filter*} count
was going to normal?

SCHULZE: He was just thrilled. His hemoglobin count had been down very
low at the bottom of the level. He had been white and pasty and weak.
The {*filter*} count was so low you could almost see through him.

In three days, his {*filter*} count was almost over the top. And his coloor
was back, and he had lots of energy I got the two of them some books on
juices, and their juicer was running all the time.

Most of the cancer, the Karposi's sarcoma, is just blotchy but there
were some areas where he had some horrible skin; and there was even some
elimination coming out of it. So, we did a lot of drawing stuff on that
to clear him out.

BISER: Poke root poultices

SCHULZE: Yes, and a lot of skin-brushing. Whenever people have cancer, I
always use that same black drawing poultice with the clay, the charcoal,
poke root, garlic, goldenseal and just try to disinfect -- burn a little
and get it out.

Then we started working with the lungs because he had 50) many things
going on. But this guy became an absolute raging fanatic --- you almost
know it when people are going to get well. They just get so positive.
And this guy really got into it.
He was buying more books on it. And then I had him getting up out of
bed, probably in a week, and doing the juicing himself. That's important

BISER: Within the week, he was not dead?

SCHULZE: Within a week, he was up, standing in the kitchen, holding on
to the counter a little bit, wheezing and juicing. We went through a lot
of {*filter*}-building juices. He got into mushrooms a lot, you know,
immune-stimulating mushrooms and fungi. He had some pretty bad thrush
too, and we dealt with that. His mouth hurt a lot. In fact, the juices
were quite painful to drink because his mouth was so full o)f sores.

BISER: Did you ever do what Dr Christopher did for the mouth oak bark?

SCHULZE: You can, and that works really nice. But the tea tree oil works
even better, and it soothes and heals thrush in a 2-10% solution. One
o)f the best brands is called Thursday Plantation. It's in all the
health">food stores. It's excellent. Another source is from Frontier
Herbs. (These are listed in our Appendix on Sources.

BISER: How much did he take and in what form?

SCHULZE: We made a gargle out of it. They didn't have any products back
then, so we just made a gargle out of tea tree oil, and a mouthwash, and
rinsed his mouth with it. It really destroys the fungus andi also
reduces the inflammation.

But the oak bark works really nice, too. In fact, I usually ---for
people like that, I make some kind of tooth powder, and I know I did for
him. And it would have contained oak bark.

"He was cured in eight months, but ...

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 Medical Politics


>   Yeah, I think I'd "release" my psychological problems, too, if you wrapped
> me up in a cold, wet sheet.

> Worth a try.


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