Treatment of Metastatic Liver Cancer 
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 Treatment of Metastatic Liver Cancer

My dad is beginning a new regime of treatment for metastaic Liver Cancer
that was spread from small cell lung cancer. Very good response was
acheived to std. chemo treatment for the lung cancer and it seems to be
completely gone (no signs of it on CT or MRI scans). Now they have
turned to the liver..The treatment they are giving is three times a
month of
cytoxan (cyclophsamide) and Adriamycin. Both of these {*filter*} have been
used for cancer of other types, but I can find no references on the Web
sites that show use of them together. My parents insist the MD sez this
is NOT a trial use of the {*filter*} or combo for liver cancer. Anyone with
any info on the use of these {*filter*} for liver metasteses please clue me
in. The Oncologist is assoc. with MD Anderson, and I know they are first
rate since they treated my Mom for {*filter*} cancer and she is quite well
now. Any info would be appreciated... Just post it to the newsgroup if
you have anything...THANKS!!

                        Ed Tadlock

Sat, 29 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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