Family Overcomes Loss of Loved One To Help Others 
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 Family Overcomes Loss of Loved One To Help Others


  May 15, 2000
  Family Overcomes Loss of Loved One To Help Others

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  Karen and Robert Tait recently started E-SARCOMA-UK, an email group at eGroups, in an attempt to help other families battle Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare childhood bone cancer. Their son Matthew was diagnosed with the disease in April of 1997 at the age of nine. Unfortunately, he passed away on March 14th of last year, after nearly a two-year struggle with the disease. During their ordeal, Robert and Karen amassed a great deal of information and experience. Through E-SARCOMA-UK, their goal is to share this information with other families and caregivers and to provide an open forum for discussing issues and treatments relating to this type of cancer.

  According to the Taits, one of the reasons they started the group was, " encourage UK sufferers, families whose children or other relatives and friends have been struck down with this dreadful disease, to seek information and support and to feel that they are not the only ones out there going through this."

  Furthermore, they go on to say, "Although our son Matthew didn't pull through, we know of many people who have come out the other side and are living full and healthy lives. If you feel that we may be of some support to you and your family/friends then feel free to use this mailing list to contact us."

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