Thyroid Cancer, Need Info 
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 Thyroid Cancer, Need Info

Hi folks, I just subscribe to this newsgroup because I just learned that
my dad was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 4th stadium. Can anyone
especially who has knowledge and experience tell me the prognosis of this
type of cancer? His doctor told him surgery won't help and he is going
to undergo nuclear radiation therapy. Your help is much appreciated.

Jusni Hilwan

Jusni Hilwan

Scarborough, Ont. CANADA

Thu, 23 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT
 Thyroid Cancer, Need Info
Jusni, You probably mean that he has Stage IV thyroid cancer, which is
metastatic. A lot depends on the type of cancer, since there are several
different types of thyroid cancer, with the most common being papillary
and follicular. The more differentiated thyroid cancers still function a
lot like the thyroid gland. That means that they eagerly take up iodine
from the {*filter*} and concentrate it inside their cells. This provides an
easy way to kill the cancer cells--give them radioactive iodine. The rest
of the body has little ill effect from this, the excess iodine is cleared
through the kidneys into the urine for a brief time after treatment, and
the administration of thyroid hormone after treatment, makes sure that
the body's metabolism continues to receive proper regulation. For more
information about thyroid cancer you can check out http://www.***.com/
and keep clicking the menus until you come to the type of cancer you're
interested in. Depending on the type of thyroid cancer he has, his
chances are very good for an excellent response! H2

Thu, 23 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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