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please read this it changed my life.

30 September 1999

Before discussing the primary Mannatech products available in the UK, let's
discuss glyconutritional products in general.  These products span three
nutritional sciences: cell-to-cell communication, endocrine (hormonal)
system support, and immune system support.  Always remember that these
products are foods, nutritional supplements whose purpose is to improve the
quality of cellular nutrition so that the cells of our bodies can function
optimally.  As with any food, each person has to use trial and error to find
out what works best and what the proper amount is for him or her.
The truly remarkable results, which occur when people ingest these
nutritional supplements, happen because of the capabilities programmed into
each and every cell to maintain optimal health, capabilities that can only
function fully when the cells receive the nutrition they need.
In talking about Mannatech's products, it is essential to be compliant with
Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulations so that the doors are not
open for others to attack the company and try to threaten or remove from us,
and from all people on earth, the opportunity of benefiting from these
products, as well as from the opportunity for financial freedom they can
provide for those interested in pursuing this avenue.
More than 35 independent scientific studies have already been published in
peer-reviewed scientific journals in the United States and 40 more, much
larger studies are currently in progress on the possible benefits to those
suffering from a wide variety of conditions at the time they ingest the
Mannatech nutraceutical products.  So that you may understand the depth of
vision and commitment of Mannatech's founders and scientists, we'll look at
the reason for such a concentration on the expensive, time-consuming process
of research, which, after four years, is only now beginning to attract the
attention of medical researchers in influential positions.
Vitamin C is the standard of care for scurvy.  Once a substance is medically
accepted as the standard of care for a certain condition, what that means is
that a doctor is guilty of malpractice if he or she does not use that
substance in the treatment of that condition.

When you begin to understand the implications of improving cell-to-cell
communication within the body, you will start to grasp the enormity of the
promise that Ambrotose? holds for all of humanity.  There is a high level of
greed and material power wielded by many large pharmaceutical companies for
whom the suffering caused by cancer and AIDS, for example, is a large and
profitable industry.  In order for Mannatech to accomplish its objective of
a jar of bulk Ambrotose? in every household in the world, the company must
walk a fine line in obtaining the necessary science without frontally
attacking those who wield the biggest hammers, who will not hesitate in
using heavy-handed and unprincipled means to smash the company if it
severely threatens their interests at too early a stage.
Thus, Mannatech is aiming to have Ambrotose? accepted as the standard of
care for three illnesses where there is currently no standard of care:  (1)
ADD (attention deficit disorder), (2) Hepatitis C, and (3) Chronic Fatigue.
Hepatitis C is a fatal condition and is becoming an even more threatening
epidemic than AIDS in Taiwan and several other countries.
Now that we've looked briefly at the larger vision, let's consider
individually the Mannatech products currently available in here for the
first time in the U.K.

Until less than a decade ago, scientists believed the only use our bodies
had for carbohydrates was for the production of energy.  Findings to the
contrary were only established and published in the American biochemistry
textbook for medical students, Harper's Biochemistry, in September of 1996.
What those findings indicate is that of the 200 plus simple sugars occurring
in nature, only eight show up in the chains of communication among all of
the body's cells.  That is, only eight of them are known to be essential
for cell-to-cell communication.  Only two of these eight are found in modern
diets: glucose and galactose.  The other six are totally missing from almost
everyone's diet.  This is like attempting to write someone a letter with 75%
of the letters of the alphabet missing.
This is the situation the cells of our bodies have been dealing with for
centuries.  In optimal conditions, a vibrantly healthy person whose body is
free from toxins does have a backup system whereby the missing sugars, or
monosaccharide can be manufactured from glucose and galactose.  However,
even in the best of conditions this backup system is slow and uses large
amounts of energy.  For the body to convert one molecule of glucose to one
molecule of mannose, one of the six other essential sugars missing from our
diets, fif{*filter*} separate enzymatic conversions are necessary.  If the body is
toxic or under stress, this backup system simply does not work.
According to the research data from leading immunologists in the United
States, immune system response is down 28% since 1981 and the rate of
decline is increasing.  Ambrotose? has been found to increase immune
response in people perceived as healthy by 50% and in people with serious
health challenges by as much as 400%.  Further, Ambrotose? has been found to
be the only known natural substance which acts as an immune system
modulator, increasing killer-cell and T-cell numbers in conditions where too
few are produced and decreasing them in conditions where too many are
What the pharmaceutical companies were trying to do with this information
was manufacture the individual missing monosaccharides synthetically.  When
Dr. Bill McAnalley, Director of Research and Development at Mannatech, who
has more than 70 patents registered in his name in the field of
glyco-biology, learned they were planning to do this, the question he asked
was: "Has anyone patented the new science of using any two or more of the
essential monosaccharides from all natural sources for the purpose of
improving cell-to-cell communication?"  No one had, so he did.  Mannatech
owns that patent.
Let's now look at the ways in which poor cell-to-cell communication can show
up in our bodies.  We are not talking about the cause of these degenerative
conditions nor are we saying that cell-to-cell communication is the only
factor at work.  We are simply saying it is a key factor.
The purpose here is to educate you to understand for yourself the reasons
you would want to take each product without ever making any kind of health
claim.  You will notice overlap when more than one system is involved in a
particular condition:
 BRAIN ADD Alzheimer's seizures stroke
  aneurism migraines brain tumours cerebral palsy
  Downs syndrome hydrocephalus autism various psychoses
 EYES macular degeneration glaucoma cataracts retinopathy
  retinitis detached retina
 EARS tinnitus various deafness nerve damage
 NOSE sinus infection hay fever
 MOUTH mouth ulcers gum disease
 THYROID goitre hyperthyroidism hypothyroidism Grave's disease
 HEART myocardial infarction clogged arteries aneurism tachycardia
  arrhythmia mitral valve problems
 LIVER hepatitis A hepatitis B hepatitis C
 COLON ulcerative colitis
 UNDERACTIVE cancer AIDS immune deficiency chronic fatigue
   IMMUNE SYSTEM viral infections flu colds chronic conditions
 OVERACTIVE lupus rheumatoid arthritis allergies
 PANCREAS diabetes hypoglycemia
 JOINTS osteo-arthritis
 MUSCLES fibromyalgia muscular dystrophy various cramps/pains
 CARTILEGE deteriorated cartilege carpel tunnel syndrome
 NERVOUS  MS ALS Parkinson's ALD Bell's palsy
   SYSTEM other degeneratives
 LUNGS asthma emphysema cystic fibrosis
 SKIN eczema psoriasis scleroderma
Given that Ambrotose? provides a ready supply of all the sugars necessary
for effective cell-to-cell communication, it is easy to understand the
enormity of the potential benefits if our cells can go from 25-39%
efficiency to 100% efficiency.  People with debilitating disease states
should start with one capsule for every 10kg of body weight.  Ambrotose? has
a half-life of 48 hours so one day can be missed periodically without a
significantly decreased effect.
Every single cell in your body has your individual signature.  The body's
defence system comprises cells called macrophages, whose job it is to
constantly "feel" each cell within its purview asking it: "Are you part of
me or not part of me?  Are you viable or non-viable?"  If the cell is an
invader, or non-viable, then the job of other cells is to destroy it.  So
what happens if the cell has not been able to adequately communicate its
signature?  It gets destroyed - even if it is a proper cell.  This is what
happens in autoimmune diseases.  The immune system attacks its own body.  If
the cells once again become able to communicate their identity clearly, then
this condition of autoimmune disease no longer exists.

We all know that fresh raw  fruits and vegetables are good for us, and there
are several reasons why.  But, how many people eat the recommended five to
seven servings of a wide variety of them every day?  How many people can
spend the time and effort to find, prepare, and ingest five abundant
servings of 12 vine-ripened fruits and vegetables daily?
Concerning fruits and vegetables, new information has come to light through
research in the last decade.  What has been discovered is that
phyto-nutrients only come into being in a fruit or vegetable  in the very
final stages of ripening, within the last 48 hours.  This is why there is so
much difference in the taste and aroma of a vine-ripened tomato as opposed
to a supermarket tomato.  There are more than 200 phyto-nutrients in a
vine-ripened tomato.
The incidence of ADD and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
among school children is rising all the time.  These hardly existed 50 years
ago.  You can read for yourself the independent clinical studies, which have
been done with Phyt-Aloe? and individuals suffering with ADD and ADHD.
The American Cancer Research Institute has done long-term studies, which
have revealed that phyto-nutrients from the vegetables found in Phyt-Aloe?
enable the body to stop, reverse, and prevent cancer.
A long-term research project in Boston, Massachusetts showed that people who
regularly consumed leafy green vegetables, such as kale, had a much lower
incidence of macular degeneration than did people who consumed little or no
leafy green vegetables.
Phyt-Aloe? is a combination of a fairly significant amount of Ambrotose?
along with phyto- nutrients from 12 vine-ripened fruits and vegetables.
These fruits and vegetables are picked only in their final stages of
ripening, then immediately liquefied and freeze dried.  They are grown in
the best soils available and are at least 95% organically grown.  The powder
is assayed and standardised for those phyto-nutrients known to have powerful
immune-enhancing effects.
Let's look again at conditions where the immune system is severely

    Extreme toxicity such as Kuwaiti fever, Agent Orange, other chemical
    Cancer, AIDS, Immune Deficiency, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Viral
Infections, Flu, Colds
    MS, ALS, Parkinson's, ALD Bell's Palsy, a host of other degenerative
    Asthma, Emphysema, Cystic Fibrosis;
    Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Retinopathy, Retinitis,
Detached Retina; and
    Sinus Infection, Hay Fever.

Because of the positive results studies have shown with individuals
suffering with ADD and ADHD, let's also look at other conditions, which are
characterised by less than optimal brain chemistry:
    Alzheimer's       Cerebral palsy
    Seizures        Downs syndrome
    Stroke        Hydrocephalus
    Aneurism       Autism
    Migraines       A wide variety of psychoses
    Brain tumours       Cravings such as {*filter*}, sugar, etc.
Over the last decade, there has been a great deal of controversy about
whether or not the body can convert Dioscorea or wild Mexican yam, into
hormones.  The reason for the controversy is this: there are at least 600
species of dioscorea.  Only six of them contain the functional component or
active ingredient in appreciable quantities.  If the studies were done with
dioscorea, which had little or none of the functional component present in
it, then the results were negative.  If the study happened to use dioscorea
with a good concentration of the active ingredient, then the studies had a
higher probability of being positive. The functional component or active
ingredient is a plant sterol called diosgenin.  Diosgenin is molecularly
very similar to the hormone in our bodies called pregnenalone. Pregnenalone
is one of the "mother hormones" from which the body can, directly or
indirectly, make almost any hormone that it needs.  As we age, the
production of pregnenalone and DHEA decreases.
Another thing about dioscorea: even those species that have a good
concentration of the functional component, is that it is difficult for the
body to absorb it through the digestive system.   PLUS is formulated so that
the body can slowly assimilate it through the intestines.
Let's look at the functioning of the endocrine or hormonal system.  The
glands of the endocrine system are: the pineal, pituitary, thyroid and
para-thyroids, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, and gonads.  Their function is to
constantly regulate our metabolism, which has everything to do with our
moods and mental state; the clarity and acuity of our mental functioning;
our libido; the amount of energy available to us to think, act, and enjoy
life; the building of muscle; strength; the production of anti-inflammatory
natural sterols; and the burning and storing of fat.
Let's illustrate the opposite ends of the spectrum by contrasting a
vibrantly healthy child or young {*filter*} with an aging {*filter*} in his or her
The vibrantly healthy young person has:
    Abundant energy      High mental acuity or cognitive functioning
    Great strength and suppleness    Emotional resiliency - kings of their
    Keen mental alertness     Ability to recover quickly from stress or
    Good memory       Ability to eat whatever they want and never
         gain weight

The aging {*filter*}, by contrast, can:
    Be subject to fading strength and energy  Have reduced cognitive
    Be subject to depression     Be subject to depression, doubt, anxiety
    Have less flexible joints     Take much longer to recover from stress
    Have mental dullness and fogginess        and injury
    Have failing memory      Burn less fat and store more fat
What happens to the endocrine system when we take synthetically manufactured
or even so-called natural hormones, like DHEA, which have been chemically
reacted?  If you consider how the body needs to respond moment-to-moment to
varying levels of stress and activity in order to maintain balance and
optimal functioning, it's not hard to understand how complex and intricate
the balance of the endocrine system is.  When you throw in a wad of
prefabricated, toxic hormones, you jam the endocrine system and tell it that
it can go to sleep because you're providing the hormone from outside the
However, if you give the body a">food from which it can make a higher level
of the "mother hormone" pregnenalone, then you are actually causing the
endocrine system to work harder to get itself into better shape rather than
slack off.
Let's look at the various conditions that can manifest or be aggravated when
the hormonal system is functioning poorly:
    PMS        Severe inflammatory conditions
    Menstrual cramps and bleeding    Osteoporosis
    Endometriosis       Hot flashes
    Acne        Extreme fatigue and low energy
    Hyperthyroidism      Allergies
    Hypothyroidism      Lupus
    Goitre        Scleroderma
    Grave's disease       Alzheimer's
    Cravings, such as {*filter*}, sugar, etc.   Neuromuscular degenerative
    Various forms of depression and mental/  All degenerative diseases whose
onset is in
        emotional imbalance         midlife when hormone production slows

Like PLUS, each Sport capsule contains a standardised amount of the
functional component found in dioscorea.  However, it is formulated
differently.  PLUS is formulated to be dissolved slowly in the intestine and
to be neutral, enabling the body to choose whichever hormonal pathway it
needs at any given moment.  Sport, however, is formulated to dissolve
immediately in the stomach and assists the body in reducing lactic acid
buildup, which is what the body needs to recover from excess muscle
We must enlarge our vision regarding stress.  Sport is not just for
athletes, but also for anyone under any type of mental, emotional, or
physical stress, or who is in a low energy state.
Sport also provides relief from the pain of arthritis.
Let's look at things, which can cause extreme stress in the body:
    Intense workout      Injury
    Fatigue        Emotional upset, distress, grief, loss
For Further Information Contact: John on UK 0795 759 4193 or

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