New Cancer Strategies: p53 April 21-22, 1996 
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 New Cancer Strategies: p53 April 21-22, 1996

New Cancer Strategies: p53
April 21-22, 1996
Washington, DC                  
Co-organized with PharmaGenics
Cosponsored by Canji, Inc, Pharmacia Biotech and PharmaGenics

The p53 gene is recognized as one of the most important genes in the
cancer field.  One role of p53 is to proofread for genetic damage and
eliminate cells in which unrepaired genetic errors appear.
Unfortunately, p53 itself is quite sensitive to point mutations, in
that virtually all mutations lead to a loss of function.  This program
focuses on advances in understanding and use of p53 for diagnostic and
therapeutic purposes.  With approximately half of all cancers
involving the loss of functional p53, the identification of such
mutations can be a significant diagnostic tool.  Gene therapy,
vaccines and small molecule {*filter*} aimed at restoring p53 activity or
other strategies based on p53 offer the potential of valuable new
tools for cancer treatment.

Gene Expression Under the Control of p53: Dr. Gary Beaudry,
PharmaGenics (confirmed)
Modulation of the p53 Pathway: Dr. Michael Kastan, Johns Hopkins
University (confirmed)
Regulation of Cell Growth and Death by p53: Dr. Karen Vousden, NCI
Crystallographic Structure of the p53/MDM2 Complex: Dr. Paul Kussie,
Memorial Sloan  Kettering (confirmed)

p53 Mutation Scanning of Cancer Patients: Dr. Lance Fors, Third Wave
Technologies    (confirmed)
Clinical Results of {*filter*} Cancer Patients and p53 Mutation Studies:
Dr. Mats Inganas,       Pharmacia Biotech (confirmed)
Role of p21WAF-1/CIP-1 in Cell Cycle Control and Sensitivity to
Anticancer Agents: Dr. Todd     Waldman, Johns Hopkins University
p53 as a Determinant of Chemosensitivity:  Update on Novel Targets in
Apoptosis: Dr. Wafik    El-Deiry, University of Pennsylvania
Chemotherapeutic Vulnerabilities in p53 Deficient Cells: Dr. Patrick
OConnor, NCI         (confirmed)
Searching for Agents Active Against Cancer Cells with Disrupted p53
Function: Dr. John      Weinstein, National Cancer Institute

Gene Therapy Based on p53: Dr. Dan Maneval, Canji Corp. (confirmed)
p53 Mediated Sensitization to Radiation Therapy: Dr. Esther Chang,
Georgetown University   (confirmed)
Restoration of p53 Function Using Gene Therapy: Dr. Jack Roth, M D
Anderson Cancer Center  (confirmed)
Systemic Therapy of {*filter*} Cancer with Liposome p53: Dr. A. J. Mixson,
University of   Maryland at Baltimore (confirmed)
Engineered Adenoviral Killing of Cells Lacking Functional p53: Dr.
David Kirn, Onyx        Pharmaceuticals (confirmed)
Immune Responses to Different Modes of Presentation of p53: Dr. Lorne
Erdile, Virogenetics    (confirmed)

Biochemical Characterization of the Interaction Between p53 and hdm2:
Dr. Patrick     Chene, Novartis (confirmed)
Tumor Suppressor Genes:  From Signaling Pathway Analysis to Drug
Discovery Target        Identification: Dr. Bernd R. Seizinger, Genome
Therapeutics Corporation (invited)
Small Molecules that Inhibit MDM2: Dr. Michael Sherman, Pharmagenics
Small Molecules that Inhibit HPV Binding to p53: Dr. Mark Rolfe,
Mitotix Corp. (confirmed)

For registration and hotel information, please contact:

Cambridge Healthtech Institute
1037 Chestnut Street
Newton Upper Falls, MA 02164

Phone: 617-630-1300
Fax: 617-630-1325

Cambridge Healthtech Institute      
1037 Chestnut Street
Newton Upper Falls, MA  02164
tel: 617.630.1300
fax: 617.630.1325

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