need info on cryosurgery and infusion pump to liver treatments 
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 need info on cryosurgery and infusion pump to liver treatments

My wife Susan has liver metastasis from rectal cancer. Current CT scan
showed two tumors on liver. The largest is 5 cm. We have been advised
by oncologist to have an internal chemo pump feeding directly to liver
as the next course of treatment. Another possible option is cryosurgery
which destroys tumor by freezing with liquid nitrogen cooled probe.
Both methods require abdominal surgery. My wife has a permanent
colostomy resulting from rectal cancer surgery a little over one year
ago. we would like to obtain any iformation regarding each surgical
option. any personal experiences with either type of treatment would be
deeply appreciated. My wife is also very concerned that such surgery
might mess up her colostomy which is working very well for her. Any
replies would be deeply appreciated. You could e-mail replies to

Thank You. Keep up the good work on this group it helps a lot of
people. God Bless you all.
Don Heiber
concerned and frightened husband of Sue.

Sat, 25 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
 need info on cryosurgery and infusion pump to liver treatments

Fri, 19 Jun 1992 00:00:00 GMT
 need info on cryosurgery and infusion pump to liver treatments
Don,  You might try the LISTSERV Cancer-L.  I know there is one gentleman
who is a regular contributer to that list whose wife has the pump to the
liver (I forget what kind of cancer she has that has meta. to the liver).
Anyway, they are a very caring and supportive group.  

        You would E-mail:

                      Type    SUBSCRIBE  CANCER-L

   If you would prefer one long letter instead of 25 to 30 a day,  Type
SET CANCER-L DIGEST.   I use the digest because on AOL I have to actually
read every letter just to delete them whether I am interested or not and
this takes a lot of time.  

    I also suggested this Listserv to another gentlemen whose wife had
mets to the liver and was to use the liver pump.  He let me know that he
is now a subscriber to Cancer-L but I have not yet seen him post, so he is
just still lurking.  Jump right in,  nobody minds.                        

    My husband has just (since 12/30/94) completed radiation, chemo, and
surgery for esophageal cancer and is currently in remission (this is the
first time I have had a chance to say this).    Good Luck,    Janet

Sun, 26 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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